Emergency Roof Repair – what can I use?

The temperature is dropping and the last thing you need is a leaking roof. If the roof gets damaged, then the rest of the building will follow. Your roof takes a big battering throughout the year, especially in the winter months. Gushing rain and strong winds mean that your roof needs extra help if it’s going to get through winter unharmed. Our tried and tested, super easy to apply, emergency roof repair kits will get you of a hole and keep you dry. Whether it’s asbestos, metal or a flat roof, we have the solution to a happy roof this winter.

Read on to learn about our top three emergency roof repair kits

1. Super Easy Patch Repair for Roof Holes 

emergency roof leak repair

If you just have a hole or crack in your flat or pitched roof, then the Speedpatch is the little gem you need! A clean, easy and quick solution, you simply cut the fibreglass patch to size and with it’s versatility, you can stick it on the area where it’s needed, no matter what the shape. The sunlight then cures it, leaving it rock hard and completely waterproof. Depending on the weather, your roof can be repaired and ready to tackle the Winter within minutes. You can use a UV lamp to help to cure the patch or just to speed up the process. You can use it for emergency roof repair on asbestos, metal, timber, PVC, EPDM or felt roofs.

You can buy a single Speedpatch for just one repair or a whole roof hole repair kit which comes with several patches and everything you else you need to cover several roof holes.

This patch is also a great solution for emergency asbestos gutter repair!

2. Roof Tile Crack Repair Kit

Simple DIY kit to seal cracks and watertight your cracked roof tile. Flexible, self-adhesive butyl tape with a UV foil to protect against all weather. This is the ideal product for homeowners wondering how to repair a cracked roof tile. Are you are looking for easy-to-use products with step-by-step guides? Do you want to get the job done safely and efficiently?

emergency roof repair paint

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3. Our solution to how to fix a leaking roof from inside – MS Polymer

We are often asked if we have products to fix a leaking roof from the inside. The best and longest lasting repairs are always done from the outside, but we know that’s not always possible and we do have a temporary suggestion that may help – our emergency roof repair mastic!

how to fix a leaking roof from inside

Our MS Polymer is a clear adhesive and sealant. What is more you can apply it to a slightly damp surface. Squeeze the Polymer as far as possible into the crack, gap or small hole. Use a bead from as small as 6mm to a maximum 20mm with an applicator Gun. Bigger holes or cracks should be packed with suitable backing. This should give you an effective temporary repair without the need to climb up onto your roof. Can be used on a felt, EPDM, fibreglass, timber, metal or PVC roof from the inside.

Still not sure which product is right for your emergency roof repair? Don’t panic, just give us a call or drop us a line!