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Fill in low areas on your flat roof to bring it back to original level or create a slope to redirect water. Includes delivery.

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Fix the standing water on your flat roof now with our straightforward DIY kit. It is lightweight, quick and easy to use and as environmentally friendly as possible. It will fill up the areas where the standing water was on your flat roof and makes your flat roof flat again. Once a top coat has been applied it is completely water tight and there will be no more standing water on your flat roof.

You simple clean and dry your area of roof then apply the primer, being sure to prime beyond the area you’re treating. Mix the rubber crumb and beads with the mixing primer in the rubble sack then spread it out on the area to be filled. Compress it, leave to cure then paint on your top coat – it really is as easy as that.

Brought to the UK for the first time by Alltimes Coatings, this unique and innovative kit contains everything you need to fix ponding water on your flat roof. Sold in over 60 Stores across the US and winning many prizes, including 2018 roofing magazines product of the year, this tried and trusted method for fixing your flat roof is now available for DIYers and contractors alike due to its simple application method. Made with recycled rubber crumb and using biodegradable cable ties, recycled rubble sacks and recyclable plastic resin and catalyst containers, you can rest assured when fixing your roof your being environmentally sympathetic. An easy but strong, durable and reliable fix, that doesn’t cost the same  as a new roof!

How many kits will I need?
One kit will cover the metre square area stated below (Sq m) x the depth shown below (mm). Multiple discount is available on orders of more than one kit. For orders of over 5 kits please contact us on 01453 872850.

water lying on flat roof

Top Coats
Our Alltimes Fibre Reinforced top coat gives you a robust cover and is an easy to apply one coat system.
Coverage rate is 2 – 2.5 m2 per 5kg tin.

Our Alltimes AquaCoat top coat is applied in 2 coats and is more cost-effective option.
Coverage rate is approximately 2.5 m2 per 5 kg tin

*If you would like to order more than 5 kits please contact us on 01453 872850


Identify the ponding area and mark an outline on the roof surface with paint. Thoroughly clean the area and make any needed repairs to ensure a good bond. Make sure the area is dry. Note: Pressure washing or cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner can help with extremely dirty areas.


Note: mix the material after priming. Pour the small 6ml accelerator provided into the 500ml primer and mix thoroughly. Apply the primer onto the ponding area earlier outlined with the paint brush provided BUT make sure you paint the primer on an extra 50mm round the edge of where the Greenslope will end.


Pour the larger 16ml bottle of accelerator into the 1L of binder and mix/shake very thoroughly so that the accelerator has a chance to mix with all of the binder. Pour all the rubber granules, polystyrene beads, binder and any excess primer (if there is any), into the mixing bag, seal with the cable tie and mix everything at once, usually only takes 4-5 minutes to mix. We recommend rolling the bag on a smooth surface to get the best mixture. If you only need a small amount, mix in the bucket.

Spread & Compress:

Open the bag and pour the contents over the desired area and spread the mixture using a trowel or straight-edge. Wet the trowel in solvent to stop the components sticking. We recommend using a spirit level to check that you have spread it to the gradient desired. IMPORTANT; It is essential to compress the material thoroughly using the trowel, especially around perimeter to minimize water infiltration and make a smooth surface for the top coat. Wait until the Greenslope is dry before applying the top coat. Note: If it looks like it might rain before you can apply the top coat, make sure you cover it well so that no water can get in as it won’t be able to drain away.

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