Roof Repair Systems & Kits – all you need to get roof repairs done easily

Flat or pitched DIY roof repair solutions that will last.

Stop leaks now on your flat roof or pitched roof and get a watertight surface for years to come. Our DIY Roof Repair Kits mean you can fix the job yourself and get a longlasting repair. These are quick and easy solutions that have years of successful weatherproofing behind them, and can solve your roofing and cladding problems today. Just choose the substrate of your roof below and you’re one step closer to find the right solution.

fibreglass roof restoration

GRP / Fibreglass Roofs




Whilst fibreglass roofing is extremely durable, it can be prone to cracking and growing brittle over time.  Our products are easy to use, cost effective and can stop leaks and extend the life and durability of your roof.

asbestos roof repair kits

Asbestos Roof Repairs




Top quality asbestos roof repair products that are a safe and effective way to stop your leak ASAP. Repair tape for asbestos cracks, patches to repair holes and full asbestos roof coatings to restore and protect.

roof tile paint

Tiles – repair and restore


Needs restoring

Needs weatherproofing

Restore and protect your roof tiles all year round with quality coatings that will adhere well and give colour that lasts.

rusty metal roof that needs repairing with a liquid rubber coating to waterproof

Metal roof repairs and protection



Worn bolts

Premium quality metal roof repair products and anti corrosion primers for bolts, holes and general leaks. Full roof coatings that will restore and protect.

failing EPDM roof

EPDM Flat Roofs



Failed seams

Get years of worry-free weatherproofing with the advanced durability of  tough rubber solutions on your EDPM flat roof.

ponding water on flat roof

PVC Roofs




Our one coat or two coat systems come in easy to use repair kits or single products to waterproof your PVC roof.

roof membrane repair

Other Single Ply Membranes Roofs




Other membrane roofs such as Hypalon and TPO roofs need high flexibility products to keep them watertight. Our professional products will do the job properly.

Felt, Bitumen & Asphalt Roofs




Common issues with felt and bitumen roofs are blistering, cracking and condensation on the underside. Our kits provide easy to use solutions for short term small repairs to full roof coatings.

waterproof timber

Timber / Plywood Roofs

Long term waterproofing

Seamless protection

Great finish

Give your ply timber roof outstanding longevity and waterproofing protection with our range of products. Our liquid coatings will prevent leaks and protect your roof through all weathers.

DIY ponding water solution

Ponding Water on Flat Roofs

Level out uneven areas

Works on most surfaces

Stops water pooling

Level out dips in your flat roof and stop water ponding with this easy to use kits.