Roof Repair Systems & Kits

DIY roof repair solutions that will last.

Stop leaks now on your flat roof or caravan shower tray and get a watertight surface for years to come. Our DIY Roof Repair Kits mean you can fix the job yourself and get a longlasting repair. These are quick and easy solutions that have years of successful weatherproofing behind them, and can solve your roofing and cladding problems today.

Flat Roofs

We don’t believe one solution fits all, which is why we have a range of high performance flat roof coatings with different properties and different application conditions.

Pitched Roofs

asbestos roof repair kit

From leaking asbestos roofs to corrosion sealants, we’ve got a range of products to fix that leak on your pitched roof.


metal gutter thats leaking and needs repair with liquid rubber coating

Our specialised coatings make gutter repairs quick and easy. And with impressive longevity, these premium coatings offer exceptional cost-effectiveness.