Asbestos Crack Repair Kit

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Repair cracks in your asbestos roof with super strong tape
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Why Choose the Asbestos Crack Repair Kit?

This super simple but effective DIY kit will seal cracks and make your asbestos roof watertight again. The key is the flexible, self-adhesive butyl tape with a UV foil to protect against all weather. This is the ideal product forย  homeowners wondering how to repair a cracked asbestos roof. Are you are looking for easy-to-use products with step-by-step guides? Do you want to get the job done safely and efficiently? At GooForIt, we understand that you want a long term solution in as little time as possible. The crack repair kit is the ideal solution to getting the repairs done fast with durability assured.

What Do the Kits Contain and How Much Do They Cover?

The crack repair kit includes tough and durable butyl rubber tape for longevity. A primer to ensure adhesion of the tape. It also includes a brush for applying the primer.

  • Small kit contains: 10 m Foil Backed Butyl Tape, 500 ml AT WB Primer, 2″ Brush, 100ml Biocide.
  • Medium kit contains: 20 m Foil Backed Butyl Tape, 1LT AT WB Primer, 2″ Brush, 100ml Biocide.

Watch how easy it is to apply in this video!

Small or Medium kit
Small – covers 10m
Medium – covers 20m
Get the surface clean and dry using the biocide cleaner. Paint on primer. Once dry cut the tape to length and stick on.


How to fix your leaking asbestos roof
Asbestos roof repair? Sounds complicated, right?

Yet that water’s going to keep on dripping, ruining your property.

That’s why we made our kits so quick and easy to apply…AND still more effective than the bitumen or acrylic based solutions on the shelves today.

You get a watertight asbestos roof after just a simple application.

1. Clean

2. Prime

3. Apply Crack Repair Tape

First off, a few notes on safety:

Ensure your roof is structurally stable and that you’re safe at all times throughout the repair
Check out the HSE Guidelines on working with asbestos. These are brilliant little guides that’ll keep you safe up there
Got any questions? Get in touch and send us some pictures of your project
How to clean your asbestos roof
This is more like ‘how to make your repair last for longer’. A good thorough clean is the way to a watertight asbestos roof.

Use a soft brush to remove all moss, dirt and grime from the affected area. Moss is a common downfall for a once perfectly weatherproof roof, and removing it is an important start to the repair. You should be left with an area free from growths and mould.

For cracks, it’s best if you apply the asbestos repair tape to the full length of the sheet, so a strip going up the sheet needs to be cleaned too.

Next up, is the washing. Yes, there’s a bit of scrubbing but it’s made easy with our biocide especially designed for cleaning roofs and killing moss and spores. This powerful detergent stops growths from forming under the repair, the key to long-life weatherproofing. Mix 1 part Biocide to 2 parts water. Then dip a large brush in and scrub the area. Keep the area damp to avoid asbestos fibres becoming airborne.

How to prime your asbestos roof
Once the area is all clean and completely dry, you can move on to priming. Like all porous surfaces, your repair area needs priming. This ensures strong adhesion and reliable waterproofing. Open up the tin of Primer and apply generously to the crack and surrounding area. Coat at least 5cm either side of the crack. As we’re dealing with cracks in the asbestos sheets, it’s best to repair the whole length of the sheet. For priming this means applying the primer for the whole length, even if the crack appears in just a part of it. You should end up with a strip running up and down from the crack.

How to apply an asbestos roof tape to your roof
Wait for the primer to dry before reaching for the tape. Unroll and cut to size. Where sheets overlap, it’s best to but the tape right up against the upper sheet, or tuck it underneath. Apply all along the crack and beyond, putting pressure on all parts of the tape to ensure adhesion. This foil backed tape goes butyl first, so the foil faces the sky.

The foil will protect the butyl from UV rays, making your repair last longer. And the tough wide butyl will instantly seal that crack, stopping your leak today.

Tips and tricks from the asbestos roof repair experts
We’ve put our years of experience and our most trusted products into your asbestos roof repair kit. You don’t only get a watertight seal, but the confidence that these solutions can stay the course.

Any questions, queries or asbestos related topics you’d like to message us about? Get in touch to learn more, and get the perfect finish for your roof.

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