Roof Bolt Repair Kit

£82.75 (inc. VAT)

Re-seal bolts with super thick butyl tape and top coat.

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Our Roof Bolt Repair Kit instantly stop leaks with a thick and durable butyl tape, especially designed for sealing boltheads. The Reinforced Liquid Rubber top coat then ensures a durable and long lasting top coat finish.

What You Need to Know:

Size: One Size
Coverage: Enough to seal up to 100 bolts
Application: Clean, once dry apply primer. Once primer is dry cut and press the butyl tape onto the bolt, then apply top coat.
Kit Contains: 250ml AT S Primer, AT Reinforced Liquid Rubber 2kg, 6mm Butyl Tape, 2 x 2″ brush, 100ml Biocide, 2 x gloves
Cleaning Up: You need a strong cleaning product like Xylene for cleaning tools, etc afterwards.

What’s in the kit?

250ml AT S Primer, AT Reinforced Liquid Rubber 2kg, 6mm Butyl Tape, 2 x 2″ brush, 100ml Biocide, 2 x gloves

Why Choose Roof Bolt Repair Kit?
  • Quick and easy application, particularly with a comprehensive photo guide
  • Enough to seal up to 100 bolts

From the asbestos roof repair experts, this kit is designed for quick, easy and effective roof repair. Premium quality butyl means you can cover and waterproof each bolt, then create a long term watertight seal around the bolthead.

Everything you need for effective roof bolt sealant:

  • 6mm Butyl Tape, tough and flexible enough to seal the whole bolthead
  • Primer
  • Reinforced Roof Liquid Rubber
  • Biocide, specialist roof cleaner that means you get a long term repair

This bolt sealant kit puts the repair in your hands, so you can stop leaks in your roof when you need to.

One Size
Enough to seal up to 100 bolts
Clean, once dry apply primer. Once primer is dry cut and press the butyl tape onto the bolt, then apply top coat.


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How To Repair Your Leaking Roof
A bolt sealant kit? What about the rest of the roof?

Actually leaking boltheads can be more common that holes and cracks in asbestos roofs, and so proper bolt sealing could stop all your leaks today.

Bolts are classic problem areas. After years of use the bolt holes can expand and leaks can get in through the sides of the boltheads. Once in they could unsettle the bolt more and cause havoc to the insides of your property.

That’s what this kit was invented for – simple and effective DIY bolt sealing that can leave your property drier and healthier.

First off, a few words on asbestos roof repair safety:

Ensure your building is structurally stable and that you’re safe at all times
Check out the HSE Guidelines on working with asbestos. These brilliant little guides will give you confidence and keep you safe, as well as ensuring no asbestos fibres are released into the air
Any questions on your repair? Simply get in touch with some pictures of your roof here

How To Clean Your Roof
Surely cleaning’s not that important in the long run? Actually this may be the most crucial part of the repair. Get this right (and it’s pretty easy to get right) and your leaks could be sealed in the long term. Ready? If cleaning asbestos use a soft brush to remove moss, dirt and grime from on and around the bolt heads. For other roof substrates a pressure washer may be more efficient. You should be left with a clear area that’s ready for washing. At this stage, or preferably before, it’s best to replace the worn out bolts where necessary.

brushing the moss off asbestos roof brushing moss off asbestos roof to reveal hole

How To Wash Your Roof
Moss and algae are stubborn growths that love to ruin your repair by continuing to grow under the solution. Over time this can undo your repair work and you could be back with those same old leaks…. That’s why you’re getting Biocide, a specialist biocide that’ll kill all moss and algae spores and prevent them from coming back. This was created by the experts who have over 45 years of successful roof cleaning and coating experience.

Mix 1 part Biocide to 2 parts water and use the soft brush to wash the roof clean. Wait until it’s completely dry before moving on to the priming.

bucket of cleaner to prepare asbestos roof cleaning asbestos roof to prepare for repair

How To Prime Your Roof
Your roof is a porous surface, and like any porous surface, needs priming before any repair solution can be used. This ensures long term adhesion, sealing your bolts for years to come. This is one of our most popular emergency repairs and when used as a primer creates a reinforced surface that’ll hold the butyl in place. Apply the primer to the bolt heads and surrounding area.

repaired bolt holes on asbestos roof

How To Waterproof Your Roof
The 6mm butyl tape can then be cut and pressed into place around the bolt head. Ensure all sides of the bolthead are sealed by the rubber tape.

With the butyl pressed into place, apply a coat of Alltimes Reinforced Rubber over the whole area.

Tips And Tricks From The Roof Repair Experts
All done. Leaks sealed and you’ve got a drier and healthier building. No more worries about the next storm cloud.

This kit has been built up over years of research and planning, and we believe these solutions to be the best in the business. They’re quick, easy and still give the long term repair that you’d expect from the roof repair experts.

Unsure if this is right for your property? Simply get in touch with some pictures and we’ll get right back to you

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1) Do I Need Any Extra Tools Or Experience To Apply It?
No. This is a complete DIY kit. You’ll get everything you need to stop the leak. The only extras you’ll need is a bucket to mix the Biocide and water together, and a soft brush for the cleaning. This can be a standard dustpan style brush, so long as the bristles are soft.

2) Why Should I Get A Kit?
All of the products in the kit have been carefully selected. They’re generally more durable, longer lasting and easier to apply than what you’ll find at the local hardware store. Roofing contractors have been using these materials for years, and they’re now available to you. It’s also more cost effective to order a kit than to buy the items seperately.

3) How Long Will The Repair Last?
You should expecct 5-10 years, but it could be much longer, or shorter if it gets damaged. There’s no clear cut answer for this as it’ll depend on the roof conditions and future weathering. What we can say is that the butyl tapes can easily outlast many other solutions.

4) Is Asbestos Safe To Repair?
Yes, so long as you follow HSE guidelines. Keep yourself safe at all times.

5) Why Should I Use Butyl Tape?
Butyl is a tough rubber that can handle temperate change and building movement. This sets it apart from other roofing tapes and solutions, particularly bitumen which has a reputation for cracking in the cold. The butyl is completely waterproof and forms a well adhered seal when combined with a coating or primer.

6) Why Is The Butyl Tape Foil Or Fleece Backed?
The foil provides a UV resistant barrier to protect the rubber tape from sun exposure. And the fleece reinforced the tape and holds any subsequently applied coating.

7) Why Use A SpeedPatch To Cover Holes?
Unlike tapes or matting, a SpeedPatch is a tough barrier that’s made from GRP laminate. This is easy to cut to size and shape around roof contours. The SpeedPatch cures when exposed to sunlight and forms a strong rigid barrier over holes. Combine this with the UV Curing primer and you’ve got a watertight seal that will go on year after year.

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