Butyl Tape Foil Backed

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Tough tape to seal cracked roofs with a UV resistant foil so you won’t need a top coat.

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Foil backed butyl tape seal cracks in your roof today without the need for a topcoat, and get a weatherproof seal that outlasts bitumen or acrylic based repairs. This durable butyl repair tape completely seals hairline fractures and is backed with a UV resistant foil, giving you a watertight repair without the need to topcoat.

  • Reliable waterproofing from the tough butyl rubber, as trusted by roofing professionals
  • Long term protection: Doesn’t crack in the cold and soften in the heat like many off the shelf bitumen based repairs
  • Foil is UV resistant, so you save time and money by avoiding applying a topcoat
  • 100mm wide, perfect for sealing hairline cracks and fractures

More than just roof repair tape

  • A lead flashing alternative e.g. in roofing and conservatory construction
  • Over sealing or repair of joints in gutters and downpipes
  • Sealing over T-bars in glazing and conservatories – great for old glass in industrial building roofs
  • Temporary remedial work such as sealing leaking components



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Why use butyl to repair a crack in a Roof
Foil backed butyl tape is ideal for repairing cracks in roof sheets, including asbestos cement roof sheets. Some people use cheap Flashband, but we do not recommend bitumen based products because of the high failure rate and the way it softens in the warmth and cracks in the cold.

Butyl will stay flexible longer, has good adhesion and this version has the protection of the foil layer. This means no topcoat is necessary, saving you time and money.

How to repair a crack in a roof
Clean surface – keep damp to stop fibres getting into the atmosphere.

Allow to dry.

Apply primer – This is simply a case of brushing onto your roof surface.

Apply Foil Backed Butyl Tape.

Apply pressure to enhance adhesion.

No more leaks. Enjoy a watertight roof.

Repairing a valley?
We recommend that you apply tape to the complete length of the roof sheet when repairing the valley of the corrugation. If you only do part, the water can be absorbed, just above the leading edge of the tape, and, over time, start to delaminate that edge. Go to the top of the sheet and butt the end of the tape to the sheet above.

Lead Flashing Alternative
A Lead Flashing Alternative is essential these days because, not only is traditional lead flashing getting stolen from roofs more often, but other alternatives based on bitumen have severe limitations.

Foil Backed butyl Tape is a great alternative to Lead Flashing and products like Flash Band, because it is not based on bitumen, that melts in the sun and cracks in the cold.

Bitumen is based on waste oil, which is why it is cheap. However, butyl keeps it’s form during the large variations of hot and cold weather, keeping it’s integrity and looks for far longer. When you need a cheaper but good looking and long lasting alternative to lead flashing use our Foil Backed butyl tape.

Order a roll today and see for yourself. It is easy to use and you don’t need any special tools. Not only that, it won’t make a sticky mess on your tools if you are using it on a hot day in the sun.