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Leaking Asbestos Roof Sheet Repair Kit

£70.00£179.99 (inc. VAT)

An easy to use asbestos roof repair kit to waterproof your roof. Works well on aged and damaged roofs.



If your roof is aged and damaged then you need a repair kit to address the issues. Look no further than the asbestos leaking roof sheets repair kit. Like the entire range of applications and kits on the GooForIt site, this repair kit was built with ease of use in mind, assembled by experts and used by professionals across the country and beyond. The repair kit comes with max-strength butyl tape, the extra-durable Alltimes liquid rubber for a maximum-hold coating. It also contains a step-by-step guide for homeowners new to DIY and roof repair products. A 50mm brush and disposable gloves for safety and ease of application. If you’re looking for a repair solution for your asbestos roof, then GooForIt have got you covered.

Asbestos Roof Repair Kit

Everything you need to seal cracks and damaged areas in your asbestos roof, perfect for aged asbestos roof sheets.

  • Superior durability compared to bitumen based products
  • Worry-free application — Quick and easy to apply with a comprehensive photo guide
  • Highly durable fleece-reinforced butyl tape can give you years of waterproofing
  • The Alltimes Liquid Rubber seals general porosity in your roof
  • Stop leaks by sealing cracks and covering generally bad areas of the roof
Highly Durable, Yet DIY, Asbestos Roof Sheet Repair

Just pick it up and go. You’ll get everything you need to repair cracks and general leaks in your asbestos roof.

  • The tough fleece-reinforced butyl tape that outlasts bitumen based products
  • The ever-trusty Alltimes Liquid Rubber, with extra durability
  • A step by step photo guide of application, making it easier than ever to seal your roof
  • 50mm brush, for easy spreading of the Alltimes Liquid Rubber
  • Disposable gloves, to keep your hands dry and clean
Sizing Up Your Asbestos Roof

5 M – For cracks and porous areas totalling no more than 5m long, and 10cm wide. For wider areas position the Butyl Tape side by side.

10 M – For cracks and porous areas totalling no more than 10m long, and 10cm wide. For wider areas position the Butyl Tape side by side.

40 M – For cracks and porous areas totalling no more than 40m long, and 10cm wide. For wider areas position the Butyl Tape side by side.


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How to fix a leaking asbestos roof
Great news, you’re one step closer to finally plugging that leak and getting a watertight asbestos roof. Before we begin, here’s a few words on staying safe with asbestos roof repair:

First off, make sure your roof is structurally stable and that you’re safe at all times of the repair
Check out the HSE guidelines on working with asbestos. These are brilliant little guides that will keep you safe
If you need some support, get in touch with some photos and details of your project.

How to clean your asbestos roof
Use a soft brush to remove moss, dirt and algae from the affected area. This is the important first step in getting a completely watertight seal that’ll stop leaks in your asbestos roof for years to come. You should be left with an area completely free from moss and growths.

brushing the moss off asbestos roof brushing moss off asbestos roof to reveal hole

Now the surface is ready for washing. Moss and dirt can be very stubborn and return to ruin even the most expensive and elaborate repairs. Not to worry. Every kit comes with A- Clean, a specialist biocide that was developed by ISO Paint, market leaders in the competitive coatings markets of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. This will ensure your repair remains waterproof in the long run.

Mix one part A clean to 50 parts water.

Dip a large brush into the A Clean and water mix and scrub the surface clean. Alternatively you can pour a little of the mix at a time onto the area and scrub after. Always keep the area damp to avoid the chance of any fibres becoming airborne.

bucket of cleaner to prepare asbestos roof cleaning asbestos roof to prepare for repair

How to prime your asbestos roof
As a porous material, your leaking asbestos roof needs to be primed before a repair tape or coating is applied. This ensures proper adhesion, and that your repair will last for longer. Brush on the Alltimes Same Day Primer and allow to dry.

how to clean your asbestos crack ready for repair

How to waterproof your asbestos roof
Once the primer has dried, you’re now ready for the main event. Unroll the tape and cut to size. Always make sure the tape is much larger than the area it’s sealing. Go beyond just damaged areas.

When sealing cracks, it’s best to run tape along the whole length of your roof sheet, butting it firmly up against the previous sheet, or tucking it under it. If you’re covering generally damaged areas, cut the tape up and apply in such a way that it completely seals the area.

Next, apply pressure to all parts of the tape, ensuring it is safe to do so.

how to apply tape for asbestos roof repair

A final layer of liquid rubbers gives the butyl tape protection from the sun, allowing the whole repair to remain weatherproof in the long run. Apply liberally, ensuring all areas of the butyl tape and beyond and covered. Use the brush to make sure the Alltimes Liquid Rubber is well soaked into the reinforcing fleece.

how to apply liquid rubber over fleece backed butyl tape to repair fibreglass roof sheet

A word from the asbestos roof repair experts
All done. The liquid rubber will dry and form a watertight seal while the tough butyl tape provides long term strength. You get your leak stopped without needing contractors or asbestos disposal charges.

All the products in this kit are the best we know of, and believe me, we know them all. Asbestos roof repair has been our passion for a number of years and this kit brings together that enthusiasm and experience.

We’d love to know how you got on. Get in touch and share your experience today.

Get The Right Asbestos Roof Repair Kit For A Watertight Finish
Forget the expense of contractors and asbestos dismantling and disposal. These are DIY kits that can save you time and money and make your repair quick, easy and effective in the long run.

So, you know you’ve got a leaking roof, but what else do you know about your asbestos roof?

Can you see any holes? If so, how big are they?
Can you see any cracks? Are they just hairline ones or bigger?
Got both holes and cracks in your asbestos roof?
Have you got any generally porous areas where liquid is seeping through?
Is rain coming through the boltheads?
Is it an unknown leak?

‘I’ve Got Holes In My Asbestos Roof’
Not to worry. You can pop a fibreglass style repair patch over the hole to completely seal it. These are called SpeedPatches and they’re perfect for covering holes in asbestos roofs and remaining waterproof in the long run. Having been used for years to seal holes in roofs of all kinds, they’re backed up by a reliable service history. Plus they’re super easy to use.

hole in asbestos roof small hole in crumbling asbestos roof sheet

The SpeedPatches can be cut to size and used on holes from miniscule sizes up to 22cm x 12cms, although the bigger the size the less the SpeedPatch has to grip onto either side of the hole, which could affect longevity. There are three different sizes of kit so you can find the perfect match for your project.

applying UV curing primer to asbestos roof applying speedpatch to hole in asbestos roof

As well as SpeedPatches, you’ll need some A-Clean and UV Curing resin to properly prepare the area. You can get everything you need, as well as gloves, brushes and a guide with the Asbestos roof and gutter hole repair kit.

‘I’ve Got Cracks In My Asbestos Roof’
Easy. Pop some tough rubber butyl tape over the crack after a quick prime. Unlike bitumen or acryclic based solutions which crack in the cold and expand in the heat, butyl rubber is built to withstand temperature changes and stop your leak in the long run. This kit uses the foil backed butyl tape which means the rubber won’t break down after relentless sun exposure.

abestos roof sheet with crack crack in asbestos roof sheet

Cracks in worn asbestos cement are fairly common, and this crack repair kit was designed for quick and easy use. The tough butyl is 100% weatherproof and easily fits over hairline cracks so you don’t have to be an expert to repair your roof. These are top quality products that have been chosen after years of real world testing. The result is that they make it easier than ever to repair your asbestos roof.

foil backed butyl tape for asbestos roof repair jobs pitched asbestos roof needing repair

For the foil backed butyl to create a watertight seal, your asbestos roof needs to be cleaned and primed first. This kit gives you everything you need, including the roof biocide A-Clean and a specialist primer. Check out the Asbestos Crack Repair Kit and get your leak sealed before the next rainfall.

‘I’ve Got Both Holes And Cracks In My Asbestos Roof’
You’re not alone. With the amount of asbestos roofs out there in the UK, chances are some of your neighbours’ roofs are also shot through with holes and cracks. Not to worry. That’s exactly why we’re here. For both holes and cracks, it’s best pick up both the Asbestos Roof and Gutter Hole Repair Kit and the Asbestos Crack Repair Kit. Equipped with both you can seal both the holes and cracks in your asbestos roof and get a watertight roof in no time.

‘I’ve Got Cracks And A Generally Porous Area Where Water Is Getting Through My Asbestos Roof’
Cracks can cause huge amounts of water to leak into your property and cause havoc to machinery, furnishings and interior walls. Coupled with generally porous roof sheets, your roof could be as useful as sieve during the next storm. It’s easy for you to wake up one morning to find irrevocable damage to your building. That’s why we’ve intented a kit to stop those leaks today and with only one repair method necesary.

close up of asbestos roof with hole in it pitched asbestos roof that has been repaired

This kit gives you the mighty fleecebacked butyl tape. Combine this with our most popular Alltimes Liquid Rubber, and you’ve got a highly durable and watertight seal that can stop your leaks today. The fleece fixed to the weatherproof butyl tape will embed itself to the Alltimes Liquid Rubber, creating a reinforced repair that can outlast many standard DIY roof repair products.

Get everything you need, including gloves, brushes and a step by step photo guide that makes application easy. Built by experts, this kit is designed to seal your roof asap and save your building from further water damage. Check out the Asbestos crack and roof sheet repair kit to save your property.

‘I’ve Got Rain Coming Through The Bolt Heads In My Asbestos Roof’
Forget asbestos disposal fees and sleep easy knowing you’ve saved yourself heaps of time and money. Bolts in asbestos roofs can often be the cause of roof leaks, and many people are led to believe that replacement or overclad are the only options. The bolt holes can expand after years of temperature changes and let your roof down. That’s why we’ve dedicated this asbestos roof repair to sealing your bolt holes.

asbestos roof with bolt heads butyl tape over asbestos bolt hole repair

Unlike vulnerable bitumen or acrylic based repairs, this 6mm thick butyl tape has the durability to waterproof your roof in the long run. Coupled with the UV resistant and Alltimes Reinforced Liquid Rubber, this butyl provides a watertight seal around the whole bolt head. You can get everything you need to seal your boltheads and weatherproof your roof with the Asbestos Roof Bolts Repair Kit.

‘I’ve Got An Unknown Leak On My Asbestos Roof’
Moss, dirt and grime can conceal exactly why your roof is leaking. Under all that dirt there could be holes, cracks and generally damaged sheets, all contributing to your problem leak.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to give your roof a good clean. Use the specialist Biocide A-Clean to get a completely clean surface that’s ready for repair.

Next up you’ll need to consider whether or not it’s best to patch repair parts of go for a complete refurbishment. Patch repair will be along the lines above. And for refubishment, we reccomend using the highly durable coating Alltimes Reinforced Liquid Rubber to completely seal the roof.

1) Do I Need Any Extra Tools Or Experience To Apply It?
No. This is a complete DIY kit. You’ll get everything you need to stop the leak. The only extras you’ll need is a bucket to mix the A-Clean and water together, and a soft brush for the cleaning. This can be a standard dustpan style brush, so long as the bristles are soft.

2) Why Should I Get A Kit?
All of the products in the kit have been carefully selected. They’re generally more durable, longer lasting and easier to apply than what you’ll find at the local hardware store. Roofing contractors have been using these materials for years, and they’re now available to you. It’s also more cost effective to order a kit than to buy the items seperately.

3) How Long Will The Repair Last?
You should expecct 5-10 years, but it could be much longer, or shorter if it gets damaged. There’s no clear cut answer for this as it’ll depend on the roof conditions and future weathering. What we can say is that the butyl tapes can easily outlast many other solutions.

4) Is Asbestos Safe To Repair?
Yes, so long as you follow HSE guidelines. Keep yourself safe at all times.

5) Why Should I Use Butyl Tape?
Butyl is a tough rubber that can handle temperate change and building movement. This sets it apart from other roofing tapes and solutions, particularly bitumen which has a reputation for cracking in the cold. The butyl is completely waterproof and forms a well adhered seal when combined with a coating or primer.

6) Why Is The Butyl Tape Foil Or Fleece Backed?
The foil provides a UV resistant barrier to protect the rubber tape from sun exposure. And the fleece reinforced the tape and holds any subsequently applied coating.

7) Why Use A SpeedPatch To Cover Holes?
Unlike tapes or matting, a SpeedPatch is a tough barrier that’s made from GRP laminate. This is easy to cut to size and shape around roof contours. The SpeedPatch cures when exposed to sunlight and forms a strong rigid barrier over holes. Combine this with the UV Curing primer and you’ve got a watertight seal that will go on year after year

The Surprisingly Simple Ways Of Working With Asbestos Safely

It’s not as difficult as you think to stay safe when working with asbestos.

Simple HSE regulations can protect you from fibres and give you a quick, easy and effective watertight repair.

Keeping asbestos wet, as these regulations explain, can prevent fibres becoming airborne: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/guidance/em5.pdf

The same goes for clearing debri from asbestos gutters: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/guidance/a10.pdf

The HSE reccommend using a biocide on asbestos cement, and the ISO-A Clean is included with every kit.

There’s also some great info on Personal Protection Equipment: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/guidance/em6.pdf

When in doubt, consult the HSE guidelines on Asbestos Essentials or you can get in touch here.

‘Brilliant service and products. A lot of our work is based on asbestos roofing and we rely on these products for both patch repair and full refurbishment. They’re easy to use and importantly, make the roof look great! Always had great service from the team and we especially like how durable the butyl tapes and coatings are.’

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