Fibreglass Roof Repair and Recoating

Don’t replace your fibreglass roof, just restore it and get it looking brand new again!

We have 3 super easy products for fibreglass recoating and repairing. They’re really effective and you can use them alone or together. Our incredible new GRP Restoration Coating will completely restore your roof. Our patches and sealant will fix holes and cracks.

You can be confident that with the right coating you can repair and restore your fibreglass roof yourself.

fibreglass roof paint

Choose from our fibreglass repair and restoration kits

Just coat

Get your grp roof looking like new - revives and protects in one coat

Just repair a hole

Cover fiberglass holes with easy to apply, hard curing Speedpatch

Just repair cracks

Alltimes PU Sealant to fill and seal cracks in your cracked fibreglass roof

Reinforce weak areas & coat

Use Glassmat to strengthen weak areas then coat for a like-new grp roof

Fix holes & coat

Repair fiberglass holes with Speedpatches and coat for great finish and protection

Seal cracks & coat

Seal cracks with sealant then coat for restored fibreglass roof

Repair several holes

Kit with various size Speedpatchs to cover several holes in your grp

Tools & Accessories

Not buying a kit that comes with all the tools? You can buy any extra tools you might need right here.

Fibreglass roof repair can be daunting, we know! But our super easy and effective products and kits to repair a degraded or leaking fibreglass roof can solve the problem. You can buy them on their own or in fibreglass roof repair kits with different ‘add on’ products included for specific issues.

  1. For isolated damage, cracks or holes in your grp roof simply use a Speedpatch. Soft like a tape when it comes out of the envelope, it hardens from the UV in sunlight to a super strong fibreglass protective patch. You can buy a Speedpatch on it’s own to just cover a hole, or as part of a kit for larger fiberglass repair and coatings projects.
  2. To waterproof and strengthen your whole fibreglass flat roof our GRP Restoration Coat is the answer. So much more than a fibreglass roof paint, this coating is quite something! It cures to a thick membrane and will protect and seal your roof as well as giving it a new lease of life. You can buy it on it’s own, or it comes included in repair kits with extra products for different fiberglass repairs you might need to make before you coat. Perfect for rejuvenating a fibreglass flat roof, it only requires one coat, looks fantastic and is incredibly tough once cured. If you have any cracks or visible grp pinholes just apply some sealant as a filler first. You don’t even have to wait for the sealant to dry, just paint it straight on!

Checked out our fiberglass roof repair products and still not sure which solution is best for you? Just give us a call, we’re happy to help.