Clearance Products

From warehouse clear outs to one off products, all our bargains can be found here…

Procover Paving Slab Protection

patio paving slab sealant

Premium quality paving stone impregnation – protect your paving tiles through winter so they’re ready for summer.

Isonit Roof Tile Paint – Royal Blue

royal blue isonit roof tile paint offer

Royal Blue Isonit Roof Tile paint will protect your roof for up to 15 years and gives a fantastic, quality finish.

HydroBlock Masonry Sealer

masonry waterproofing

Effective masonry sealant that protects masonry from penetrating damp using latest nano technology that can be sprayed.

ISO Dry Cream Extreme Masonry Sealant

penetrating damp protection

Incredible quality thick sealant cream for brick, stone, concrete, and other mineral surfaces. Gives up to 25 years protection.

Clevercoat Wood Protection

decking treatment decking cleaner then treated with protective coating

Non-toxic, two part wood coating that gives 15 years protection.

Silicone Facade Paint

house paint

Advanced paint that outperforms standard masonry paints to stay brighter for longer.

ISO Hydrocolor Roof Tile Paint and Impregnation

tile protection paint

Tile protection and colour in the same product! A coloured impregnation that gives ultimate tile protection and an excellent colour finish.

Alltimes Everywhere Clean – Eco Friendly Cleaner

Everywhere Cleaner

No nasty chemicals, just a really effective cleaner that won’t harm pets or plants

Silicone Facade Primer

silicone facade primer

Primer for Silicone Facade Paint. You need this if you’re painting very porous surfaces.