ISO Dry Creme Extreme

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Incredible quality thick sealant for brick, stone, concrete, and other mineral surfaces. Gives up to 25 years protection. Comes in 10L tub.

breathable brick sealer

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Up to 25 years of worry-free damp proofing from a single cost-effective application. Finally, you can be free from your wet, mould-ridden walls with the professional grade masonry cream that keeps your property dry, healthy and clean.

Iso Dry Creme uses nano-technology to penetrate up to 17mm into your brickwork or other surfaces, sealing bricks and stone and making them watertight. This means rain bounces off your surfaces or forms beading droplets on top. With your building protected with Iso Dry Creme, liquid cannot soak in, so penetrating damp and frost damage have no chance of getting in to your property.You stay safe and dry inside, and don’t have to worry about damp or mould.

Why use ISO Dry Creme Extreme?
  • Cost effective protection with an incredible life span of up to 25 years, avoiding costly re-application
  • No expensive contractors with a quick and easy DIY application – your walls are saved within hours
  • Cut energy costs by keeping walls dry and healthy, helping heat to stay where you want it
  • Breathable walls – healthier building. Unlike masonry sealants, ISO Dry keeps walls breathable and allows moisture to escape from the inside
  • Enviously attractive appearance for your property. Mould and moss will struggle to grow on treated surfaces.
  • Highly reliable nano-technology means that you’re using the latest advances to get longer lasting weatherproofing

Now, an easy way to seal brickwork and waterproof your property

With dry walls, you won’t get any frost damage. Plus your insulation could be more effective. Growths are also reduced, meaning your property won’t become discoloured. While your neighbour’s building degrades and original features are lost, yours can be preserved. Iso Dry Creme gives you a building to be proud of.


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Iso Dry Creme Extreme Application
Your surface should be clean, dry and sustainable. New surfaces can be treated right away.

Older surfaces or surfaces which are very dirty, or have moss or algae growth must be treated with Iso A-clean prior to the application of ISO Dry Creme Extreme. After about 24 hours, when the surface is visibly dry and feels dry, go ahead and apply the ISO Dry Creme.

Designed for easy brick sealing
Use a brush or roller to apply ISO Dry Creme Extreme generously to your clean and dry surface. Usually one application is enough and if you want to make a second application it must be done within 1 hour of the first application, or else the first layer of ISO Dry Creme Extreme will block the next treatment– that’s how effective it is.

Recommendation: Always make a test coat to ensure the compatibility of product and surface.

Iso Dry Creme Extreme Technical

Iso Dry Creme Extreme is an aqueous, solvent based, creamy hydrophobic impregnation. It’s based on a extra high content of the active ingredients nano, silane and siloxane.

Composition: Nano/Silane/Siloxane

Colours: Milky white on application, colourless when dry

Spreading rate: appr. 2-5 m²/l

Dilution: Ready for use

Application conditions: The temperature must be 5°C – 30°C and max. 80% RH

Application method: Brush or roller

Cleaning: Water and soap. Use Iso A Clean to kill living spores such as algae and moss

Storage: Cool, but free of frost in closed containers and out the reach of children