HydroBlock SB & WB

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Solvent based and water based water-proof protection for roof tiles, concrete, bricks and many others.

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A significant step up from a simple brick sealant, and as easy to apply. HydroBlock is at the front of the latest trend in coatings –  impregnations –  which have the unique ability to provide invisible protection after a simple application. We believe HydroBlock has the longevity and reliability to outdo the others. Invisible protection that penetrates deep below the surface to give effective and long lasting weatherproofing, as well as keeping substrates bright, clean and dry.

Hydroblock Solvent Based and Hydroblock Water Based are unique products for the maintenance of roof tiles, surfaces of limestone, concrete, bricks and many others.

Can be used on facades, floors, concrete and clay, paving stones, bricks, sand-lime bricks, mortar, sandstone, granite, and mineral plaster/render.

Hydroblock penetrates the surface and builds up a chemical bond to the material enhancing and protecting it by making it dirt and water resistance. HydroBlock Solvent Based is more penetrating than the HydroBlock Water Based so is ideal for harder surfaces such as granite. It actively rebuilds your surface’s original colour and look, and protects it from frost damage and penetrating damp for up to ten years.

Why Choose Hydroblock?

This is an invisible treatment that goes beyond just sealing brickwork. Using the latest technology, HydroBlock penetrates deep within the substrate and chemically bonds with the material, turning it hydrophobic.

  • Treat penetrating damp with a single breathable treatment
  • Prevent frost damage from cracking masonry by keeping walls dry
  • Invisible protection that enhances the current look and style
  • Self cleaning, meaning surfaces use the rain to clean themselves
  • Masonry stays brighter and healthier for longer
  • Prevents growth of moss, algae, and lichens
  • High coverage rate of 5m² per L

As used on the elephant enclosure in Copenhagen Zoo



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