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ProCover WB

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ProCover Water Based Impregnation to protect stone and tile surfaces.

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Water Based Impregnation for stone and tile surfaces

For the protection of concrete and tiles. ProCover WB is a water-based impregnating agent (hydrophobic solvent) that creates a water-repellent surface. This product has a self-cleaning effect which works against pollution and dirt on pavement stones and terraces and provides effective protection for stone surfaces. ProCover is a water-based anti-stick cover for absorbent mineral base materials and protects against water, oil and fat based pollution.

ProCover is a product from the world of nano-technology.   Grease-repellent. Diffusion-open – allows water vapour coming from inside the structure to pass through. Reduces salts moving to the surface of the structure. Does not form a superficial film. Reduces the growth of algae and green discolouration. Reduces the risk of frost damages.

Procover can be used on floors in e.g. warehouses, roofs of fibre cement, concrete and clay, paving stones and other materials of mineral origin, such as sandstone, concrete, terrazzo, clay tiles, sand-lime bricks, paving and flagstones.