Felt, Bitumen and Asphalt Repair Kits

Is your felt roof showing signs of ageing? No problem – just choose a roofing felt repair kit to fix the specific problem. Or fully coat for a great looking, long lasting finish.

If the roof is really degraded a full re-coat could be the best option for asphalt, felt or bitumen roof repair. It will give you a great looking finish together with long lasting waterproofing protection.

Otherwise, felt roofs have 3 common problems that appear again and again…

– Cracks or splits in the felt
Dips and uneven areas causing ponding water
Joins in the felt being badly stuck on

Our handy kits can get you out of a hole and ensure that you get the right products for your asphalt roof repair job. We also make sure you know how to use them. 

Here’s our go-to range of bitumen, asphalt and felt roof repair products. Still not sure which solution is best for you? Just give us a call, we’re happy to help.

Felt, Bitumen and Asphalt Roof Repair Kits and Coatings

Repair damaged areas

Instantly repair damaged and blistering felt

Fill dips

Even out dips in your flat roof to stop ponding water

Full Roof Coating Kit

Bring old roofs back to new with a full coating