Instant Felt Roof Repair Kit

£71.94 (inc. VAT)

Fix your flat roof instantly and invisibly.


Do you want a long lasting, but very fast repair to an asphalt or felt roof? Want it to be invisible on mineral felt?
Alltimes Instant Felt Roof Repair is the answer, especially if you are fed up with using acry-this and poly-that which you know means you will have to fix it again in a few months time.

The kit comprises of Alltimes BxP, single component liquid waterproofing membrane and a bag of green mineral, which couldn’t be easier to use. Simply cut out the bubbled or loose felt to where it is still adhered. Clean out the bad area now exposed and ensure it is dry. Pour in the Alltimes PxB. Level out with a brush or spatula and sprinkle over the minerals.
The kit contains enough product to repair 3m2, exact coverage obtained will depend on the circumstances.

TIP: If you have some product left in the can after use, cover the liquid with plastic and press down firmly to protect from the air. When you need to use it again, you simply remove the layer of cured product and you are ready to go again!