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Alltimes Liquid Rubber Asphalt, Felt & Bitumen Roof Kits

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Stops leaks in your asphalt, felt & bitumen roof. Our Alltimes Liquid Rubber gives excellent adhesion, durability and cold weather resistance.

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Highly UV and weather resistant, our Alltimes Liquid Rubber kit is an excellent two coat system for your Asphalt, Felt & Bitumen roof repair jobs. It’s benefits include:

  • Years of waterproof protection that can increase roof life and avoid disposal costs

  • Excellent adhesion and UV resistance

  • No risk of humidity building up under the coating as it cures as a breathable film

  • Worry free waterproofing with a 40°C extreme cold resistance

  • Applicable at low temperatures (5°C)


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Coverage rate for 15 years: 2kg in total, 1 kg for each coat/ sqm minimum

Minimum total consumption: 2kg per sqm

Form: Viscous coloured liquid

Pack size: 15kg

Shelf life: 12 months

Application temperature limits: 5°C to 35°C

1. Clean and dry surface thoroughly

2. Make all necessary repairs to the surface with Alltimes Joint Sealant.

3. Apply Joint Sealant at all sharp join angles to create a small fillet.

4. Prime the roof

5. Apply a coat of Alltimes Liquid Rubber or Felt Roofs.

6. Then embed a complete layer of Polyfab into the coating.

7. Apply another coat of Alltimes Liquid Rubber Roofing for Felt Roofs.

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