Alltimes Liquid Rubber Asphalt, Felt & Bitumen Roof Kits

£189.99£699.99 (inc. VAT)

Stops leaks in your asphalt, felt & bitumen roof. Our Alltimes Liquid Rubber gives excellent adhesion, durability and cold weather resistance.


Highly UV and weather resistant, our Alltimes Liquid Rubber kit is an excellent two coat system for your Asphalt, Felt & Bitumen roof repair jobs.

What You Need to Know:

Size: Various sizes
Coverage: 6m sq, 12m sq, 18m sq, 24m sq
Cleaning Up: You need a strong cleaning product like Xylene for cleaning tools, etc afterwards.

What’s in the kits?

Kits come in 4 sizes; 7m sq, 12m sq, 18m sq, 24m sq.
They all contain; Alltimes liquid rubber, sealant foils, polyfabric, you can choose with or without tools and you can choose same day or next day primer.

How Do I apply It?
  1. Clean and dry surface thoroughly
  2. Make all necessary repairs to the surface with Alltimes Joint Sealant.
  3. Apply Joint Sealant at all sharp join angles to create a small fillet.
  4. Prime the roof
  5. Apply a coat of Alltimes Liquid Rubber or Felt Roofs.
  6. Then embed a complete layer of Polyfab into the coating.
  7. Apply another coat of Alltimes Liquid Rubber Roofing for Felt Roofs.
Why Choose Alltimes Liquid Rubber Ashphalt, Felt & Bitumen Roof Kit ?
  • Years of waterproof protection that can increase roof life and avoid disposal costs
  • Excellent adhesion and UV resistance
  • No risk of humidity building up under the coating as it cures as a breathable film
  • Worry free waterproofing with a 40°C extreme cold resistance
  • Applicable at low temperatures (5°C)
6m sq, 12m sq, 18m sq, 24m sq
Get the surface clean and dry. Make all repairs to surface. Apply joint sealant to all join angles to create small fillet. Prime roof. Apply coat of liquid rubber, embed complete layer of Polyfab in coating. Apply another coat of liquid rubber.

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