Can you repair a fibreglass roof?

Fibreglass roofs tend to be extremely durable but, like any roof, over time it can become worn and brittle and this results in cracks and holes appearing. If you prepare and coat an entire fibreglass roof correctly then you won’t need to revisit it for many years, but degradation happens and whether you are looking to fix your entire GRP roof, or just a section, rest assured you certainly can repair a fibreglass roof and it will be fully watertight in no time. Many fibreglass repair options can be expensive but if it’s a small or straightforward flat roof repair you can save money and do it yourself.

Don’t replace your fibreglass roof, just restore it or repair it and get it looking brand new again!

We have 3 trusted suggestions for fibreglass recoating and repairing. They’re really effective and you can use them alone or together. The GRP Restoration Coating will completely restore your roof. The patches and sealant will fix holes and cracks.

Fibreglass Flat Roof Common Problems and Solutions that work!

1. Degrading Fibreglass Roof

Your fibreglass roof is starting to look a bit tired but essentially there’s nothing structurally wrong with it. The answer is a restoration coating that will fully protect and restore it for another 10 to 15 years.

Repair Solution: GRP Restoration Coating

This incredible one coat system will transform degraded fibreglass flat roofs and give you another 10 to 15 years of protection. Turn your old, leaking fiberglass roof back to looking like new by simply painting on one coat of this outstanding restoration coating. This brand new GRP restoration coating is a super strong and straightforward one coat product for GRP and fibreglass roofs with minimal preparation and no primer needed. This is not just a fibreglass roof repair paint, this is a full restoration of your fibreglass roof. Restoring your leaking fibreglass roof and extending its life for another 10-15 couldn’t be easier. You can read customers’ amazing reviews on Trustpilot!

Simply clean your fibreglass roof and coat it with a generous layer of our GRP Roof Restoration Coat. It’s as easy as that. If you have a few visible holes or cracks just use the patch and/or sealant listed below and coat straight over the top. If you want more then just a fiberglass roof repair paint you’ve come to the right place!

2. Holes in Fibreglass Roof

When you notice a hole in your grp roofing, it can be worrying, especially with heavy rainfall, you need an emergency repair. In this case, you need to instantly seal any holes or gaps which have appeared in the roof. As it’s only a small area of the roof required to be repaired, your best option would be a repair kit, with the exact amount of materials needed for the job. There is a really reliable and easy to use product to fix those grp holes instantly, and last for the long term.

Repair Solution: Fibreglass Roof Hole Repair Kit

A Fibreglass roof hole repair kit is a great solution to put a stop to those holes and leave your roof waterproofed with a long-lasting barrier. You can use it to cover a crack as well. It’s secret is Speedpatch – an amazing cut-to-size, mouldable UV cured patch that simply sticks on and hardens to a rock hard, completely weatherproof roof patch. This fibreglass repair kit is the perfect product if you’re looking for:

  • A quick and easy application
  • A hassle and mess free solution, requiring no mixing or catalyst
  • A flexible application before it’s cured, so ideal for holes in fibreglass sheeting

Want to see how easy it is? Here’s a short video.

3. Cracks in Fiberglass Roof

Repair Solution: Fibreglass Crack Repair Kit

If you’ve got a longer crack or grp cracks then Fibreglass Crack Repair sealant is a good solution. You can just squeeze the adhesive sealant into the crack then tool it off for a smooth finish or if you want a neater look top coat the whole roof with a GRP Restoration Coating and make it look like new again. You just clean the surface around the crack, apply your sealant then top coat, you don’t even have to wait for the sealant to dry – that’s it. So much more effective than the bitumen or acrylic based solutions available on the shelves and yet so easy to do yourself.

Still Got Some Questions?

No problem, just give us a call. Our knowledgeable, friendly team are always here and happy to help and recommend on any size of project.

Also check out our fibreglass pages – we’ve got a brilliant range of fiberglass roof repair kits repairs for fibreglass roof repair that we’re really proud of. They all come with step by step guides that mean you can do the job safely and efficiently. Unlike high street solutions, these products are tried and tested over years of real world roofing projects. The professional’s choice, sent straight to your door.

No matter what type of fibreglass roof repair you’re needing, from cracks and grp pin holes, through to a complete re-roofing, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.