Introducing our fastest repair product: Speed Patch

Most good trades know that patching it up isn’t what you’re supposed to do, but with our fast repair product ‘Speed Patch’ you can create quick curing, hardwearing, long lasting and effective repairs doing just that. It’s pretty much perfect for leaks, holes and cracks that need sorting quickly.

Speed Patch’ is a fibreglass-based permanent ‘sticking plaster’ that’s soft and easy to cut, so can be measured to any size or shape, but when it’s cured it is rock solid. Once the patch has been exposed to sunlight or UV light it only takes about 10 minutes to cure – that’s just enough time to make a cuppa – before you can get on with the rest of the job. You can drill it, sand it or paint it and it will remain exactly the same, it’s corrosion resistant too. Sorted!


It’s one thing – there’s no mixing, no measuring out and no chemicals to store and use – all you need is ‘Speed Patch’ and UV light, simple.
It’s ready in no time, so you really can fix it and be ready for the next step within 15 minutes (with direct exposure). Speeding up work times considerably.

It can be cut to any shape or size with a pair of good scissors, so you don’t need any specialist equipment, plus you get less waste.
It’s durable, corrosion resistant, waterproof and impact resistant and can withstand a wide range of temperatures, so you can repair roofs, water pipes, fuel tanks, fuel lines and rubber hoses. Thanks to this versatility it can be used on domestic jobs and on industrial machinery too, as it’s so hardwearing.

fibreglass roof repair grp roof repair


It sticks to almost any surface, as long as you’ve prepped it properly. So its applications are almost endless:

  • Caravan and motor home repairs
  • Vehicles
  • Farm Vehicles
  • Swimming pool and pond linings
  • Roof flashing and guttering
  • Wood repairs
  • Boat repairs
  • You can even use it on concrete too!


It‘s incredibly simple. You prep the surface – cleaning and then roughing it up to create a good surface to adhere to. You cut the patch to the shape and size that you want it. Remove the protective film and then mould the self-adhesive patch to the repair you need to make. Add some sunlight or UV light, and Bob’s your Uncle – a rock solid repair.

We think this is pretty much an essential ‘tool’ for creating quick, easy and long-lasting repairs. We rate its simplicity and think you will too. Click here to see more about ‘Speed Patch’ and how it can work for you. We think you’ll be impressed.