We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge. Not just of our own products – we’ve tried and tested quite a few! But on all kinds of projects – large and small. So we know the questions most people have and the problems they come across. We thought you might find it useful to share some of the most frequently asked questions with you. Hopefully, we’ve answered one of two of your own questions. If not, please get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.

Do I need an emergency repair or a long-term solution?

We’ve read the small print for you. Some products claim a long lifespan, but in order to achieve it, most require a significant amount of advance preparation, involving primers, base coats or multiple applications. Also many brands are weather compliant, meaning you can only use them in certain conditions. If you need an emergency repair, you need a product you can use now and not have to wait; a longer term solution is likely to need more specific preparation ahead of time and will need to take place during fine weather.

What about weather conditions?

The weather and temperature matter as many products, particularly water-based ones, can only be used under certain conditions. In humidity, the moisture in the air can stop your coating from drying by making it run; in freezing temperatures it may be difficult to ensure that the surface is completely dry before application. Make sure that you think carefully about current conditions before deciding on a roof-fixing solution. We have a specialist range of roof repair products to overcome just such problems.

I thought I’d fixed it – why has it failed?

When repairing your roof you need to start by figuring out why the failure occurred in the first place. Even a quick fix won’t work if you haven’t addressed the underlying core of the problem. Get in touch with us – we can suggest where we think the issue stems from and the best way to proceed.

Which are the best product to use?

There are a plethora of products out there and even the multi-purpose ones aren’t suitable for every surface. It’s much better to find the one tailored to your needs and we can help you cut through the jargon. Don’t worry about additives and driving agents – we’ll talk you through the technology to find the best solution for you.

Will the new repair be compatible with previous attempts?

If you’ve used a product previously – such as EPDM Liquid Rubber – whilst it lasts and lasts and is instantly waterproof, it won’t stick to silicone. So if you’ve previously used silicone to fix a leak, you’ll need a different solution. If you’re worried your new product might not be compatible with a previous repair, let us know and we’ll give you the benefit of our experience.

We tend to steer away from bitumen based products due their poor performance and many products are not compatible with them. However, we do have refurbishment products that can be applied directly to felt and asphalt such as OverSeal.

Repairs can be expensive – is it best to look at economical solutions?

Although many of our products are relatively inexpensive, it’s entirely down to you. We can recommend on short term repair options that last a few months, or long-term solutions that come with a guarantee lasting years. If you are feeling the pinch, we can provide options to suit your budget, although we pride ourselves on offering more sustainable solutions which are more cost-effective over time. For example, we don’t recommend bitumen products as although they are cheap, they fail frustratingly often.

These are just a handful of questions that we answer for customers on a daily basis. Having been in the industry for many years we know it inside and out, and are happy to talk through any queries or concerns you might have. Whatever you need, we’re help to help, so get in touch.