Leave your competitors on the sidelines and spend the next few months completing the roofing jobs they penciled in for Springtime. What if you could give customers the service they want, whenever they want with application temperatures of -5ºC, and instant waterproofing? Plus half labour time and costs, finish the job in one easy coat, and be home in time for dinner? Do all this and still provide the long-life guarantees, complete waterproofing, and quick solutions people want.

Here’s how rapid curing can benefit you:

  • Make more money – Join the experienced contractors who are already using rapid curing systems to increase profits this winter.
  • One coat does all – No more back-breaking multiple layers, meaning you can provide 25 years of roof in one easy application.
  • Cut labour time and costs – The coating is cured by the time you get the ladder down, meaning there’s no waiting around on site.
  • Provide long-life guarantees – Win over customers with the security of 10 – 25 year guarantees.
  • Instant waterproofing – There’s no more scanning the sky for clouds. Rapid curing systems are ready for heavy rain, snow or sleet within an hour.
  • Quick and easy preparation – Simply add the pre-weighed catalyst to the liquid and stir, meaning you can complete the job while your competitors are still preparing their solution.
  • Work in freezing conditions – Don’t let winter weather hold you back with application temperatures of -5ºC.

Have the facts to wow customers and outperform your competitors with our rapid curing brochure, application guides and data sheets, available for the following rapid cure products:

  • RapidDeck: for a seamless 25 year flat roof solution.
  • LiquidGutter: for sealing rusted or leaking gutter systems.
  • EdgeArmour: for quickly halting cut edge corrosion in metal sheet roofs.