Fibreglass/GRP Roof Repair

Whilst fibreglass roofing is extremely durable, it can be prone to cracking and growing brittle over time.

Fibreglass roof repairs can be expensive and GRP can be temperamental to apply – the chemical components must be measured to exact amounts and the temperature and humidity conditions must be optimal.

At Goo for It we have several fibreglass roof repair kits, including coatings which are easy to use, cost effective. This not only helps prevent leaks, our fibreglass roof repair tools and materials extend the life and durability of your roof.

Whatever your fibreglass roof repair job, we have a solution for you. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service. Contact us for more help and advice.

Fibreglass Roof Repair Kits

Easy to use and effective ready made kits for all fibreglass roof repair jobs, large or small.

Small GRP Roof Repair Kits

Immediate solutions for small cracks and holes – specially designed tools and materials to make your GRP roof repair simple.

Whether you have a small fibreglass flat roof repair job or have jut noticed the odd crack or hole appearing, our DIY kits are all you will need.

Large GRP Roof Repair Kits

For larger repairs and whole fibreglass roof coatings we have ready made kits using our durable and long lasting Alltimes Liquid Rubber system.

Perhaps you have an entire flat fibreglass roof repair job or another type of GRP roof to fix, like all our products, our specially designed coatings are incredibly easy to apply and a cost effective choice.

Individual Products

All our products for fibreglass roof repairs sold individually.

Alltimes Liquid Rubber for GRP Roofs

Backed up by over 25 years of successful waterproofing from all over the world, Alltimes Liquid Rubber is a roofing favourite. Excellent weather and UV resistance make it a great choice for fibreglass roof repairs. Also available in kits.

One Coat Systems for GRP Roofs

Our one coat systems for GRP roofs are easy to apply with no need for primer making them more cost effective.