How to paint a roof quickly with durability

You’re a true professional when it comes to roof spraying. Anything that helps you do the job better and faster is good for your customer – and you.

By combining some of the latest high-tech paints and sealants with your experience, you can offer customers a longer-life seal and hugely reduced fading compared to traditional materials. And then there’s the lower cost per square metre and fine-filtered paints that won’t have you stopping throughout the job to clean nozzles…

1. Understand that roof

Before doing anything, make sure to understand your roof and your expectations (or your customer’s) for painting. Is a matt or gloss finish required? Is the substrate a roofing system, a fibre cement tile or a concrete tile? Little details like this are important when deciding on the right roofing paint. Unsure? Ask a reputable supplier.

2. Preperation’s everything

It really is! When leading manufacturers have put time, money and research effort into their roofing paint instructions it pays to follow them. Different products have different instructions, but expect to see power cleaning, attention to roof-edge detail, thorough disinfection before and after painting, and removal of debris from guttering as key points.

3. Buy from a manufacturer who’s familiar with the latest roof painting technology

Roof sealing paint’s come along way recently, with the advent of sophisticated nano technology, silanes and new UV stabilisers to give amazing durability, self-cleaning and even thermal properties. Always look for proper scientific documentation and test results behind the products you plan to use too.

4. Choose with care

Following on from the previous tip, it’s so important to choose your manufacturer, supplier and installer with care. With the weatherproofing of a property at stake for the next 20–25 years, this is no place for half-baked coating solutions or buying off the doorstep. Reputable organisations can demonstrate their integrity, their test results and certification, and will be transparent about pricing. Be wary of the difference between buying roof paint sold by weight, and those sold by volume – the two measures aren’t comparable and buying by weight can prove expensive.

5. Experiment with colour

Established roof paint providers offer a range of different colours, so there’s no excuse for not being able to match your, or your customer’s, preferences. What’s more, the better paints, as well as being attractively coloured with durable fade-resistant pigments, are micro-filtered so your nozzles won’t clog during spraying. If you’re an installer, that means more chance of getting the job done in a day, rather than having to keep stopping to unblock your equipment.

6. Know the benefits…

Getting to know the benefits of advanced nano paint is helpful whether you’re doing the work yourself, hiring a contractor or working as a contractor. Because the newest technologies give longer life before repainting than ever, self-cleaning properties, thermal insulation advantages and more reliable spraying, they offer attractive benefits to homeowners and contractors alike.

7. And use them

If you’re a trade sprayer of the latest nano paints, make sure you use these benefits in your sales pitch. As well as making it even easier to match your offer to customers’ problems, being able to talk confidently and knowledgeably about Isonit or another quality roof tile paint is reassuring for property owners.

Reading about a new roof seal or roof paint system is one thing, but to really understand the power of near-invisible nano technology, nothing beats seeing them in action.