How to kill moss on driveways

Whether you’re a DIYer under pressure to clean a driveway over the weekend, or a contractor who regularly cleans and seals paved surfaces, knowing how to kill moss on a driveway is just the start.

Unless you want to repeat the hard work regularly, knowing how to keep moss, algae and other unwanted material off your drive long-term is the key to a more relaxed weekend… Here then are seven tips to guide you on the route to a beautiful driveway, hard-surface nirvana and more time to enjoy your property rather than cleaning it!

1. Understand the real challenge

Your immediate problem may appear to be about cleaning, but it’s actually much wider ranging as you take on water penetration, the limitations of porous surfaces, frost attack and the propensity of everything from driveways to paving slabs to pick up dirt faster than you can say ‘jet washer’. Check out the information available on line, at sites such as www.Isonit.Co.Uk, to fully understand what you’re up against and how to solve the problem long-term.

2. Preparation is everything

As an experienced diyer, you know preparation is the key to a successful project. The same applies if you want to kill moss on your driveway – and it’s even more important if you want to clean and seal your driveway to keep surface build up away for the longest time. Ideally, you need a proven cleaning solution that gets rid of build up, keeps it away and makes the surface really easy to keep clean in future. Sadly, ‘standard patio cleaner and a stiff brush’ is unlikely to be the answer.

3. Clean thoroughly

Actually, cleaning is just the first stage en route to a beautiful, low-maintenance driveway – but it’s important, so don’t cut corners. And please make sure you use a proven professional-grade surface cleaner and disinfectant such as iso a-clean. You’ll also need to choose the most appropriate cleaning tool for your paved area: manual scrubbing or power washing depending on the extent of build up and the area to be cleaned).

4. Beware of cowboys

Sadly, hard-surface cleaning and sealing attracts a minority of less-than-honest folk who’ll charge a fortune for sub-standard results. If you prefer to get this work done for you, be careful who you choose and what materials they use. Check out what’s available online and talk to the majority of reputable material suppliers and contractors. Well-established, reputable, companies have developed their products for years, have reassuring testimonials and product certification, and are knowledgeable about the latest nanotechnology for deep sealing driveways and preventing moss regrowth after its removal.

5. Investigate new technology with confidence

The latest nano technologies are proven and accepted by professional cleaners and property owners alike, so you can use them with confidence on your driveway. You really should investigate the benefits: easier and less costly cleaning in future; ‘self-washing’ surfaces; oil and grease repulsion; slower ageing of coated surfaces; ease of use and environmental friendliness.

6. Choose an invisible sealant

You won’t want to spoil the aesthetics of your driveway or patio, so makes sure that you choose an invisible cleaning and sealing system. Seals based on the latest water-based silane modified flourines are a proven option.

7. Use your imagination

Having discovered the attractions of sealants such as iso procover, let your imagination run wild thinking about the other surfaces around your home that would benefit from treatment – and how easy your life will be in future. Driveways are just the start, what about your terrace, patio, pool deck and paths too?

As you can see, there’s moss and algae removal and then there’s long-term treatment that really keeps hard surfaces clean and gives you more time for other activities around the home. That’s the power of the latest nano technology in cleaning and sealing!