pooling water on flat roof

How to level a flat roof

Is your flat roof no longer flat? Is it in need of being levelled? Is water pooling on your flat roof?

Non-Level flat roofs are a problem as pooling water can collect in the dips. Not only in the long term can it cause structural damage from the weight of the pooling water but in the short term the pooling water may cause leaks.

We can help level your flat roof now. Our unique formula of recycled rubber crumb, polystyrene balls and binder fill up the areas where the polling water was making your flat roof flat again. Once a top coat has been applied it is completely water tight and there will be no more pooling water on your level flat roof.

Brought to the UK for the first time by Alltimes Coatings, this unique and innovative kit contains everything you need to get rid of standing water on your flat roof. Sold in over 60 stores across the US and winning many prizes, including 2018 roofing magazines product of the year, this tried and tested method for fixing your flat roof is now available for DIYers and contractors alike due to its simple application method.

An easy but strong, durable and reliable fix, that doesn’t cost the same as replacing your whole roof!

One bucket at £99.99 inc. VAT and FREE POSTAGE will cover a hole approximately 1M wide by 1M long and 18mm deep.

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One bucket at £99.99 inc. VAT and FREE POSTAGE. Will cover a hole approximately 1.8m2 by 10mm deep

Call us now on 01453 872 850 to speak to one of our helpful team members for more information or to order.

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