Flat Roof Ponding Water Repair Kits

Ponding water issues on your flat roof?

Finally a painless solution to ponding water! If you have water pooling on a flat roof fix it today with our cost effective roof levelling compound that fills up low areas on flat roofs.

Why should you fix a ponding water problem?
On a performing flat roof ponding water is not a problem as it will drain, or even evaporate, away. However when your flat roof has uneven areas due to sagging, an insufficient slope, or drainage issues, the ponding water doesn’t dissipate. This can cause damage to the roof structure, dirt and debris to collect and increased algae growth. When the temperature drops, freezing pools of water can cause damage at an even quicker rate.

The Solution
Simple… Surface Level Pro®. Surface Level Pro® is a roof filler that’s easy to apply and durable. When the material cures it’s similar to that of a playground surface – built to withstand harsh weathering conditions as well as foot traffic. This solution can help extend the lifespan of a flat roof at a fraction of the time and cost it takes to install a new drain. Our kit comes with everything you need and a choice of two top coats to keep your newly levelled roof waterproof.

Still got questions about flat roof repair or ponding water? Want to know the best flat roof coating for ponding water? Just give us a call, our team of experts are happy to help!