Looking to try a DIY EPDM roofing installation job on your garage or flat roof?

EPDM roofs are prone to tearing around protrusions but with our liquid rubber solutions you can create a seamless waterproof coating for your roof. Our EPDM roofing kits give you all the accessories and tools you need to do the job.


Easy to use and effective ready made kits for all EPDM roof repair jobs, large or small.

Small EPDM Roof Repair Kits

Immediate solutions for small cracks and holes in your EPDM roof.

Large EPDM Roof Repair Kits

For larger repairs and whole roof coatings we have ready made kits using our durable and long lasting Alltimes Liquid Rubber system.

Individual Products

All our products for EPDM roof repairs and protective coatings sold individually.

Alltimes Liquid Rubber

The go-to product used by many roofing professionals across the country, the liquid rubber roof coating and primers from Alltimes Coatings is the ideal product for larger EPDM roof repairs. Also available in kits.

One Coat System

When the season allows and you want a safe, easy to use, economical solution this is it.