UV Curing Polyster Resin

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Use as a top coat or primer for Speed Patch.


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Our UV Curing Polyster Resin is the primer to be used with our Speedpatch. You can combine the resin with the UV curing SpeedPatch or larger rolls of UV curing laminate to make tough repairs and protection jobs quick and easy.

  • Corrosion control
  • Cabinet repair e.g. electrical cabinets
  • GRP repair
  • Tank repairs
  • Tank lining
  • Surf board repairs
  • Portable Toilet repairs
  • Roof repairs
  • Lorry roof repairs
  • Downpipe and gutter repairs
  • Pipe protection
  • Pipe insulation protection
  • Protection against bird damage (in conjunction with laminate)

An easy to use resin that’s perfect for small and large long lasting repairs.

UV curing capability means no need for a catalyst or mixing. This makes the job easy. Simply open the tin and apply.