Liquid Gutter Primer

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A one process application that can be used on damp and rusty surfaces.

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Super easy to use, LiquidGutter Primer is a one coat primer so is quick and easy to apply.

It’s a fast curing solution that can even be painted straight on to rusty surfaces. To be used in conjunction with LiquidGutter.



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Liquid Gutter

Substrate Preparation

Clean the substrate to be treated with a jet wash or other suitable means. Dry the surface area to be then treated (rag dry will usually be suffice). Repair/replace any rusted through sections with suitable means.

Priming: Primer is required on concrete and asbestos. Use LG Primer at a coverage of 0.25kg/m2.

All lead surfaces should be thoroughly abraded prior to the system application.

Detail work: Apply a 50mm bond break tape to all gutter junctions (masking tape). Apply to all junctions and bolt head areas a coat of Liquid Gutter at 1.25kg/m2 in to which bed the AT Glassmat 225 (cut to size and 125mm either side of the junction) and pull through with a roller or brush on the surface. Add a further 0.25kg/m2 whilst still wet to fully encapsulate the mat. Work the mat around all of the bolt heads once the mat is limp, for best results use a paint brush going round the head a number of times. Ensure that this entire detail is continued a minimum of 125mm either side of the junction.

Mixing: Liquid Gutter is supplied in a 2 part pack, Base Coat and Catalyst components. Add all the pre-weighed Catalyst to the Base Coat and mix by mechanical stirring until the catalyst is no longer visible. Do not over mix. Pour the contents into the gutter to avoid premature setting.

Liquid Gutter Application

Calculate the area to be covered before commencing any application. Apply using short, smooth, lambs wool rollers, at a nominal rate of 1.25kg/m2 (for a 10 year system) over the entire area and the detail work already completed. The cure time is rapid so ensure the required application standard is achieved before moving on, as there is no time available to make corrections later. After the product has been mixed together and is fully homogenised, pour out the contents onto the gridded area to be covered. Do not leave in the tin as it will cure faster with the added mass and be difficult to apply in the given time frame. Ensure that the full “U shape” of the gutter is fully coated to ensure the application is covered by the guarantee/warranty.

Liquid Gutter Coverage Rates

10 year: Nominal coverage – 1.25kg/m2

15 year: Nominal coverage – 1.5kg/m2

Cleaning: All tools and equipment should be cleaned before the material is allowed to cure. Clean using AT Tool Cleaner.


Light foot traffic – 2 hours @ 20°C

Full chemical resistance – 24 hours @ 20°C

Colours: Liquid Gutter is available in Grey. Other colours available on request.

Storage: Store in dry, cool conditions, preferably at temperatures between 10°C and 20°C.


Liquid Gutter – 2.5kg, 5kg & 15kg units

LG Primer – 2.5kg and 5kg units

AT Glassmat 225 – 1.25m x 180m, 1m x 20m, 250mm x 20m rolls


Do not apply to damp substrates.

All products should be sold in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. No responsibility can be taken by the manufacturers where conditions of use are beyond our control.