Emergency Gutter Repair Kits

Leaking gutter?

It can be quick and easy to fix your asbestos, cement or metal gutter roof yourself and the repair still be effective in the long term. How? With our tried and tested repair kits that are delivered straight to your door. All with step by step instructions and backed up by years of real world testing, giving you complete confidence in your repair.

asbestos gutter needs repair to stop leak


Emergency Leaks

Large Repairs

Small Repair Kits

Fix emergency leaks or repair whole asbestos gutters with our variety of kits.

concrete gutter that is leaking and needs repairing


Long Term Waterproofing

Emergency Leaks

Fast Curing System

Concrete is famous for remaining stubbornly damp and ruining coatings. We’ve got the solution with our emergency repair kits that can even be applied in the wet.

metal gutter thats leaking and needs repair with liquid rubber coating


Rust Free

Emergency Leaks

Large Repairs

Keep your gutters rust free and protected year round with our range of easy to use products. Perfect for DIY gutter repair jobs.