High Performance Roof Coating Kit

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Perfect option for a cost effective, tough roof coating for asbestos roofs

roof repair kit tick Gives 10+ years life expectancy
roof repair kit tick Budget friendly
roof repair kit tick Available in a range of colours
roof repair kit tick Just clean, prime and coat

Available in: Black, Dark Anthracite Grey, Anthracite Grey, Bordeaux Red, Oxide Red, Tile Red, Mocha. Please contact us for colour charts.

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An excellent budget option for repairs on larger roofs in reasonable condition. Our kit comes with the right primer and rust inhibitor to ensure you’ll get good adhesion and longevity.
What You Need to Know:

Colours: Various – see colour chart
Kit includes: A-Clean, Rust Converter, Metal Primer, Construction Primer, Isonit
Coverage: Up to 24m2 (enough for your ‘typical’ garage roof)
Application: Clean, prime and coat in 2 coats.

If you need to seal any gaps or larger cracks then you will need some of our adhesive sealant –  MS Polymer – to seal them up first. This can be painted on.

How Do I apply It?
  1. Clean the roof using the ISO A clean. Mix the Biocide at a ratio of 1:2 and apply. The longer you leave it on the more effective it is.
  2. Apply the rust converter to any bolts or fixings that are corroded.
  3. Apply the metal primer to any metal on the roof, eg bolts and fixings.
  4. Apply sealant (MS Polymer) to any cracks or gaps.
  5. Prime the roof and allow to dry.
  6. The first top coat can then be applied. This must be dry before you apply the second top coat.

NB It is advised you apply Biocide every 1 to 2 years after application.

Why Choose High Performance Roof Coating Kit?

ISOnit is an extremely versatile product that protects against growth of fungi, algae and lichens. It is also UV stable and has an elasticity of up to 700% even at -20. It’s a great option for extending your roof life when budget is a key factor.

10L Tub
Up to 24m2 (enough for your ‘typical’ garage roof)
Clean, prime and coat in 2 coats.

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