Timber Protection Paint

Keep your timber protected and looking fresh with our range of Clevercoat timber protection paint for use on all timber products.

With just one single application, your walls and ceilings will be protected and free from damp. Our professional treatments are a handy, cost-effective solution that avoids the need for any contractors.

With dry, clean and healthy walls, you will also save energy costs and our damp wall repair treatments are also breathable. This helps to keep your home healthy as well as improving the appearance.

For more information about our damp wall repair and protection treatments, contact our specialist team today.

premier quality first coat protection coating for garden furniture and decking

Clevercoat Protective Wood Coating – From £13.80

Outstanding protective coating for unpainted wood

Easy to use two-coat system that will protect your wood for up to 15 years

Solvent and alcohol free, water based non toxic coating

Forms durable permeable/breathable surface protective coating

All our kits come with all the tools and accessories you need for the job, but if you need any extra we’ve got them all here.