Damp Stone Wall Repair

Get healthier stone walls with our advanced invisible treatments. Our industry-leading damp wall repair solutions offer protection that penetrates deep below the surface.  This allows effective and long lasting weatherproofing, as well as keeping substrates bright, clean and dry.

masonry waterproofing

HydroBlock Masonry Sealer- From £8.21

The BEST damp sealant for all your masonry surfaces

Breathable brick sealer

Invisible penetrating damp protection

Colourless protection

Alltimes Waterproof & Stain Repellent Sealer £33.00

Incredible quality thick sealant cream for brick, stone, concrete, and other mineral surfaces

Up to 20 years protection

Single, cost effective application

Penetrating damp and frost have no chance of getting in your property

All our kits come with all the tools and accessories you need for the job, but if you need any extra we’ve got them all here.