Masonry Sealers and Penetrating Damp Treatments

The best performing brick waterproofing and masonry sealers on the market.

Penetrating damp can cause serious damage to roofs, ceilings and walls.¬† Unlike rising damp, it can happen at any level and it’s important to fix this issue as soon as possible for minimal damage. Our damp protection impregnations¬† and timber sealants are much more than damp sealant paints, they will protect from frost damage and damp, self clean and restore your masonry and timber back to it’s original look.


breathable brick sealer

Brick sealants with bite! Our range of brick waterproofing clear sealants will stop penetrating damp in it’s tracks. Exterior brick walls will be protected, waterproofed and self cleaning after just one coat of our invisible impregnations. Our breathable brick sealers will keep your walls protected through wet winters.


waterproofing exterior brick walls

Get healthier stone walls with the next level of stone wall sealers. Our invisible exterior wall treatments are leading the industry using the latest in nano-technology. Protection that penetrates deep below the surface to give effective and long lasting weatherproofing, as well as keeping substrates bright, clean and dry are what our penetrating damp treatments are all about.


Protect your rendering from penetrating damp with our market leading Hydrblock and IsoDry products. Our exterior wall  impregnations are clear but protect and restore at the same time. Being breathable sealants they allow the moisture out of the wall and keep your masonry dry and damp free.


clear exterior wood sealer

Timber sealant that doesn’t just protect, it penetrates the wood. Our clear exterior wood sealer range is industry quality and delivers so much more then your average tin off the shelf. It will protect your wood for up to 15 years.