Penetrating Damp Wall and Ceiling Repair

masonry paint penetrating damp coatings

Penetrating damp can cause serious damage to roofs, ceilings and walls.¬† Unlike rising damp, it can happen at any level and it’s important to fix this issue as soon as possible for minimal damage. Our damp protection paints and repair treatments are easy to use and will protect most surfaces from water ingress.


Stop penetrating damp rising in your brick walls now. Get protected, waterproofed and self cleaning walls with our range of invisible treatments.



Get healthier stone walls with the advanced invisible treatments that are leading the industry. Protection that penetrates deep below the surface to give effective and long lasting weatherproofing, as well as keeping substrates bright, clean and dry.


Protect your rendering from penetrating damp with our market leading Hydrblock and IsoDry products.


penetraing damp prevention in timber stop rising damp

Keep your timber protected and looking fresh with our range of Clevercoat for wood products.