Save time and money with our DIY asbestos roof repair kits. No need for contractors or expensive asbestos dismantling or disposal. Top quality asbestos roof repair products make this a safe and effective way to stop your leak ASAP.

Our handy kits give you everything you need for specific asbestos roof repair jobs. Bolt holes often get worn and the seals go. They can be rusted and loose but impossible to remove. Our kit, including a nice chunky rubber tape for patches is just the job. If you just have a crack or three, there is a kit especially for that.


Easy to use and effective ready made kits for all asbestos roof repair jobs, large or small.

Small Asbestos Roof Repair Kits

Immediate solutions for small cracks and holes in your asbestos roof.

Large Asbestos Roof Repair Kits

For larger repairs and whole roof coatings we have ready made kits using our durable and long lasting Alltimes Liquid Rubber system or a more budget friendly one coat system.

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Individual Products

All our products for fibreglass roof repairs sold individually.

Long Term Asbestos Roof Coating

The go-to product used by many roofing professionals across the country, the liquid rubber roof coating and primers from Alltimes Coatings is the ideal product for larger asbestos roof repairs. Also available in kits.

Budget Asbestos Coating

When the season allows and you want a safe, easy to use, economical solution this is it. Coming from the Iso Paint range this is a water based system for when your asbestos roof is in pretty good condition but you want to give it long term waterproofing and protection. Also available in kits.