More than just a splash of colour, treat penetrating damp and frost damage with Silicone Facade’s breathable vapour transmission. This allows condensation through from the inside to the outside of the wall, but blocks water from penetrating. This means walls are kept dry and healthy, preventing and treating penetrating damp and frost damage.

Silicone Facade Paint Range

Treat penetrating damp and frost damage with Silicone Facade’s vapour transmission paint.

silicone facade primer

ISO Silicone Facade Primer – From £29.58

Unpigmented primer with excellent penetration


Enhances the substrate

Used before treatment ISO Silicone Facade Paint

Silicone Facade Paint- From £47.99

Advanced paint that outperforms standard masonry paints to stay brighter for longer.

Very good adhesion to mineral surfaces

Incredibly cost effective longevity with a life expectancy of up to 20 years

Cut your energy bill by keeping walls dry and reducing heat loss

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