Truck and Lorry Roof Repair and Coatings

Easy to use, long term and durable liquid rubber sealants to keep your truck or lorry roof leak free and watertight all year round.

Liquid Rubber Roof Repair for Caravans and Motorhomes

EPDM Liquid Roof Range – From £51.40


An easy to apply one-coat EPDM liquid rubber coating.

Stops leaks

Waterpoofs and protects

Fantastic finish and easy to apply

Super Armour Crystal Clear – From £45.84

An completely clear waterproof coating for glass and clear plastics.

Perfect for skylights

Waterpoofs and protects

Reduces build up of dirt and grime

Vehicle Roof Repair Kit

SuperArmour Truck Roof Repair Kit – £83.99

A clear liquid rubber repair kit for unexpected emergencies

Cost effective solution. Avoid the big repair bill from your local garage

Winter weather friendly. Moisture curing abilities mean the solution dries at temperatures as low as 1°C

Translucent, so natural light can still illuminate your vehicle

Tools and Accessories

From brushes to repairs, any tools or accessories you might need for your truck or lorry roof recoating or repair job.