Caravan Roof Repair

If you need a fail-proof caravan roof coating or repair, our range of professional products will do the job AND are easy to apply.

On this page, you can find a little bit of everything across our GooForIt caravan repair products. This includes caravan roof sealant and waterproofing products and a range of fast-acting repair solutions to be used on the move. All of these products can be used whilst travelling, so if you come across an issue whilst taking your caravan on holiday, or if you’re just dropping your caravan off in storage and have noticed a glaring problem, then you can use these quick-fix solutions for a treatment that works.

Gooforit products are the ultimate in fast-acting, long-lasting and easy to use repair products. There’s no need to pay above the odds for a repair job, when you can purchase the products the professionals use, and get the job done yourself. And when it comes to caravans, you’re going to want a product which you can use out of the box. We’ve got a product for any problem, from our clear rubber coating for caravan shower trays, to liquid caravan sealants and roof coatings, and our popular coating for glass roof lights.

Liquid Rubber Roof Repair for Caravans and Motorhomes

EPDM Liquid Roof Range – From £51.40


An easy to apply one-coat EPDM liquid rubber coating.

Stops leaks

Waterpoofs and protects

Fantastic finish and easy to apply

Clear Liquid Rubber for repairs.

Super Armour Crystal Clear – From £45.84

A completely clear waterproof coating for glass and clear plastics.

Perfect for skylights

Waterpoofs and protects

Reduces build up of dirt and grime

Tools and Accessories

From brushes to extra repair fabric, any tools or accessories you might need for your caravan roof recoating or repair job.