Caravan Repairs

From Quick Fixes To Exterior Coatings, The General Range Of Caravan Repair Products From GooForIt Cover All Essentials

On this page, you can find a little bit of everything across our GooForIt caravan repair products. This includes caravan roof sealant and waterproofing products, a range of fast-acting repair solutions to be used on the move, and even waterproof duct tape for quick sealant and waterproofing when you need it the most. All of these products can be used whilst travelling, so if you come across an issue whilst taking your caravan on holiday, or if you’re just dropping your caravan off in storage and have noticed a glaring problem, then you can use these quick-fix solutions for a treatment that works.

Gooforit products are the ultimate in fast-acting, long-lasting and easy to use repair products. There’s no need to pay above the odds for a repair job, when you can purchase the products the professionals use, and get the job done yourself. And when it comes to caravans, you’re going to want a product which you can use out of the box. We’ve got a product for any problem, from our clear rubber coating for caravan shower trays, to liquid caravan sealants and roof coatings, and our popular coating for glass roof lights.

Reliable Classic Roof Coatings

Do you need to repair the roof on your caravan, but don’t want to incur the hefty cost of having a professional do it for you? Maybe you think that treating, sealing, waterproofing or repairing the roof on your caravan is too complex to carry out the task yourself? Think again! We guarantee that you will be able to apply the products and treat the issue yourself. Our reliable classics have been tried and tested over the years and our customers keep coming back for more.

Winter Roof Coatings

Great for when the temperature drops as theses products can be applied to caravan roofs in colder weather conditions.

Shower Tray Repair

Waterproofing the interior of your caravan or property is often an overlooked task, usually until it’s too late and costly professional help is then a necessity to get the interior back up to scratch. Shower trays are such an item, and like any part of your caravan you may treat and coat with a sealant/protective solution, the shower tray will need it too. Waterproofing for the bathroom in your caravan is a necessity, and with GooForIt, you can get these products at an amazing price, so you can carry out treatments on your vehicle at your convenience.

Roof Light Repairs

As any caravan owner knows, roof lights are often prone to issues. Whether it’s a cracked or leaking caravan roof light, a roof light in desperate need of sealing, or even general wear and tear occurring across your entire vehicle which needs to be addressed (and let’s face it, the roof light is a great place to start). When it comes to fixing issues, you can spend hours looking at how to fix a caravan roof light with complicated applications, or you can choose a quick, long-lasting professional fix with the GooForIt caravan sealant and repair products range.