With cold, wet and windy weather upon us, you need products you can rely on to make rapid repairs that stand up to even the worst conditions. A top notch toolkit will help you keep one step ahead of seasonal maintenance and ensure you can protect your property – or that of your customers – against even the most challenging of climates.

Having been in the business for many years, we’ve seen many ‘wonder’ products come and go. We’ve trialled and tested an array of repair solutions during that time, which is why you can be confident that those we recommend are right for the job.

Gaps and cracks are two of the main problems inclement weather can bring, and ignoring the problem until spring will only make the damage worse, and more expensive to fix. So we’ve looked at the different products and their chemistry to see which are best at handling these specific challenges.

There are lots of products on the market, which make exaggerated claims about application conditions and longevity. These products actually do the job.  So if you want a problem sorted quickly these are the ones to use. You can always make a long term repair when the season or time is right

Stop Gap

Not only does this compound dry quickly and sets in a few hours, it’s incredibly versatile and can be used on roofs, gutters, and in and around holes and pipes. Applied to a damp surface, it smooths effortlessly and bridges small gaps and cracks that could otherwise cause more trouble later. With its reinforcing glass fibres, Stop Gap is slick, slump-free and seamless – perfect for small but sustainable repairs. And it works just fine in colder weather.

AT Crack Filler

For larger voids, up to 10mm, AT Crack Filler effortlessly fills the larger cracks that Stop Gap can’t bridge. It’s also excellent on a variety of other asphalt, concrete and felt surfaces. Applied straight from the tin, it expertly repairs even the most challenging of cracks, cleanly and quickly. With a long shelf life, simply keep it in your van or on the shelf until you need it again – it works perfectly for multiple applications and delivers a great result time and again.

With these products you can take on any gap or crack with confidence – both are fast curing and deliver a rapid solution, wherever you need it most. Most repairs crop up when you least expect them to, which is why recommend having this pair on standby in your toolkit.

Professionals contact us now to find out more about our very competitive prices and product package deals. If you are a private DIYer or contractor, these two easy to use items are all you need to manage winter emergencies, whatever the weather.