Don’t delay in protecting your roof, gutters and walls! If you’re looking to repair your asbestos, metal or flat roof, gutter or prevent penetrating damp on your walls, then you’re in the right place! We give you emergency repair products as well as long-term protection, so you can have a worry-free winter!


If the roof gets damaged, then the rest of the building will follow. Your roof takes a big battering throughout the year, especially in the Winter months. Gushing rain and strong winds mean that your roof needs extra help if it’s going to get through Winter unharmed, whether it’s asbestos, metal or a flat roof, we have the solution to a happy roof this winter.

How to repair asbestos roof and gutter

Perfect for asbestos, metal and flat roof repair and backed up by over 25 years of successful waterproofing from all over the world, Alltimes liquid rubber is a roofing favourite whose popularity shows no signs of letting up and here’s why:

  • Long-life expectancy, up to 25 years
  • Highly elastic, so will handle building movement
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Easy to apply, either by brush or roller
  • Remains waterproof during both very low and very high temperatures

A reliable rubber system with a premium build quality that results in 10+ years of weatherproofing. Ideal for leaking or degraded roofs, ISO Rubber is durable enough to fix leaks on a roof that’s been neglected. Plus, with a large colour selection, you get the rejuvenated look you want.

  • Tough and thick rubber coating that’s ideal for sealing roofs in bad condition
  • High elasticity means ISO Rubber can handle temperature change in the long term
  • Inhibits growth of fungi, algae, and lichens, leaving a smooth and attractive finish
  • UV stabilising agents make this a long term solution
  • Remains elastic down to -20ºC, so no worries about leaks
  • Available in a range of colours, unlike other asbestos coatings
  • Can be combined with a reinforcing fleece on poor surfaces

If you just have a hole or crack in your asbestos roof, then the speedpatch is the little gem you need! A clean, easy and quick solution, you simply cut the fibreglass patch to size and with it’s versatility, you can stick it on the area where it’s needed, no matter what the shape. The sunlight then cures it, leaving it rock hard and completely waterproof. Depending on the weather, your roof can be repaired and ready to tackle the Winter within minutes. You can use a UV lamp to help to cure the patch or just to speed up the process. This patch is also a great solution for emergency asbestos gutter repair!


Your gutter needs to be strong considering what it goes through, especially when it’s the English Winter and all it seems to do is rain! Whether you’re gutter is in need of emergency repair for a crack or a hole or it requires a little bit more TLC, we have you covered with the best products for your gutter!

how to fix cracked asbestos gutter

Are you looking for a long-term fix to waterproof your gutter? Then LiquidGutter is perfect for you. Once applied, you can expect up to 20 years waterproofing protection and what’s great about this product can be applied in as little as 1/5th of the usual time and cured and ready for rain in about 30 minutes!

It’s cold, pouring down with rain and your gutter has sprung a leak, what do you do? Do you A – Sit back and wait for the weather to clear up? Or B – Don’t let the weather hold you back and get repairing that gutter? If you would like to answer B, but don’t know how to then we have some good news! With Pour N Plug, you can work on repairing any emergency gutter leaks in any weather condition. This sealant instantly creates a watertight seal around any holes and cracks, even under standing water, so you can repair it quickly and with nothing holding you back.

No one likes penetrating damp, so make sure that before the Winter fully kicks in, that you protect your walls. Rather than the rain settling on the surface and sinking in, why not use a product which means water will bounce off the surface and not only keep your walls dry, but protects them leaving you with dry and healthy surfaces!

protect your walls from penetrating damp

With up to 10 years protection, you could watch the relentless rain and storms try and break into your building, knowing that water will simply bounce off the surface with this amazing, simple to use product. This treatment is completely invisible so doesn’t effect the look of the building. Think of it like invisible protection – Once applied, you don’t need to worry about it!

  • Reduces frost damage from cracking masonry by keeping walls dry
  • Invisible protection that enhances the current look and style
  • Can be used on both walls and roof tiles
  • Self cleaning, meaning surfaces use the rain to clean themselves
  • Masonry stays brighter and healthier for longer
  • Reduces growth of moss, algae, and lichens
  • High coverage rate of 5m² per L
  • Up to 10 years protection

With up to 10 years protection for your walls, this liquid appears a creamy consistency, making it easy to apply and one dry turns completely invisible, leaving you with protection after just one application.

  • It’s suitable for both new and old mineral surfaces
  • Treat penetrating damp and prevent frost damage after just one application
  • Invisible protection that’s easy to apply due to a creamy consistency
  • Effective on many mineral surfaces such as plaster, concrete, limestone and more
  • Self cleaning so maintenance costs are lowered
  • Penetrates very deeply into the material for proper adhesion
  • Keeps walls dry to ensure insulation properties of the masonry
  • Up to 25 years protection
Be prepared this Winter with the products you need and don’t get caught out in the rain!