The November rains hit the little piggies’ roofs hard, and water found its way into cracks in the roof and down gaps next to chimneys, dripping onto each of the pig’s floors. Nobody likes a leak, especially one that comes through an asbestos roof and onto the piggies’ prized possessions, and a leak can only get worse.

What Piggy number one did

After sweeping the puddles from his home, he bought a common acrylic based repair solution. There was nobody in the store to recommend him, but he knew it was a popular product so thought it must be effective. He coated over some cracks in the roof tiles, skipping the preparation stage to save time.

What Piggy number two did

Wanting to fix the asbestos roof quickly and easily, he rushed off to the local DIY chain and bought a tin of bitumen based instant repair solution, as well as a bitumen based repair strip. He cleaned the area and prepared the surface, as per the instructions. Seeing a hairline fracture in his asbestos roof, he dipped a roller into the solution and applied it over the crack. After time, the solution stiffened and covered the gap. He also laid down the bitumen repair strip where appropriate. Assuming it would do the job, Piggy number 2 was happy the leak was sealed.

What Piggy number three did

Also wanting a quick and easy solution, Piggy number three ordered an instant repair solution that worked well with asbestos roofs. It arrived the next day, and after reading the instructions, he cleaned the area first, then applied the product with a roller and paintbrush and covered a few hairline cracks in the roof, as well as the seams surrounding the chimney. He looked at the other asbestos roofs with concern. He’d heard bad things about bitumen and other cheap solutions. His solution had solidified into a tough membrane that filled any gaps.

And then the rains came back

Light rains were all that were forecast for the piggies’ area, and the days had been mild and dry. But despite the fair weather, Piggy number one was woken up by the rain splashing into a puddle on the floor. The stream dropping from the ceiling was twice the size it was before and the piggy knew that harmful asbestos fibres could be travelling down with every drop. He packed up some possessions and ran across to Piggy number two’s house.

Piggy number two’s house was dry and they listened to the rain on the roof, hoping the products had done their job. For that night it had, and the two piggies stayed together for the next week, until Piggy number one’s house was fixed. The leak had caused too much damage to the asbestos roof and it would have to be replaced. There was also the damp floorboards and walls to deal with.

Then the winter came

Later that week, dark clouds let loose a thick rain on the piggies’ homes, and the two pigs in number 2’s house were woken up by a familiar dripping. The leak was back and growing stronger by the minute. The bitumen based repair, being thermoplastic, cracked in the cold. They packed up all they could and headed out the door.

All three piggies ended up at number three’s house, where they could hear the rain pounding the roof. The Third Piggy reassured them. He had sealed the leak and the house would be dry for years to come.

His roof was waterproofed using a specialist solution for asbestos roofs, engineered by roofing professionals to quickly and easily seal leaks in roofs, including asbestos ones. Unlike Piggy Number 1, Piggy Number 3 cleaned the surface, allowing the solution to provide a long-lasting repair.

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