It’s a tough season for people maintaining properties and surroundings against the onslaught of the elements. But you still need to keep working and making a living.

The variety of weather conditions – frost, ice, snow, rain and wind – means there are many issues that can arise. This is why we have reviewed our range of products to select the four that can be used throughout the winter season to keep your customers dry, and you keeping the money coming in. Call us for trade pricing and to find out about becoming an approved contractor.


A high quality solution for sealing degraded asphalt and felt roofs, even in cold and humid conditions. It can be applied straight to a damp surface, meaning you can make a long term seal to your roof at any time of year. Cost effective and reliable – you can choose a one coat application, guaranteed to last for a minimum of five years, or if you have more time, a two coat application will last in excess of 10 years. OverSeal can be used straight from the tin and goes on like thick/gooey paint. Quick and easy, sustainability is guaranteed – unlike DIY store imitations that need regular reapplication.


Another product that goes straight to the roof from the tin, although this one requires some initial roof preparation and specialist cleaning, to keep things safe. If you are unsure about this please get in touch (insert link to contact page) with one of our team who can give you expert recommendations and guidance on how best to use this product for maximum results. If applied by an approved contractor, this solution has a warranty of 10, 15 or 20 years.

If you have an industrial or commercial asbestos roof and would like it treated please call us and we will work with one of our approved contractors to offer you the best solution.

If you are a contractor that already works on asbestos roofs or wants to start refurbishing please call us. We aim to offer the best contractor support and assistance in the industry.


The easy answer to stop corrosion in its tracks. Even in arctic temperatures, a quick skim with a wire brush is all the preparation needed. Fuss free, with no need for priming,. reinforcing or a base coat, this product goes on in one rapid application. Fast curing with a catalyst reaction, you can use it straight away on a damp surface for a result that has a 10 or 15 years warranty when applied by an approved contractor.

If you are a contractor why not call us to get trade pricing and start using what is possibly the easiest and fastest cut edge corrosion system on the market.

If you are a building owner with cut edge problems call us so that we can work with an approved contractor to eliminate your problem fast.

Liquid Gutter

Seeing is believing – clear your guttering easily, even in the cold. LiquidGutter lets you dam back standing rainwater. Apply the product, and within 30 minutes you can release the dam and carry on to the next section. Unlike insert liners, this product doesn’t reduce your gutter volume and make overflowing problems. With a warranty of up to 15 years, this is truly the best method for quickly and simply getting your guttering back to optimum use.

Contractors, wouldn’t you like a system that you can use in cold and damp conditions without hours of preparation and multiple layers to apply and dry? Call for trade pricing and training opportunities.

Whilst these are the products that we have picked to help protect against winter pressures, we source many high performing brands from around the world. Even if you have a niche or specialist problem – we can help. Whether you need a long-term warranty or want to talk about cost-effective measures to suit your situation – we will sort out the best solution for you. We look forward to helping you.