Roof Paint for Tiles

Looking for the best roof paint for concrete tiles? Get outstanding, colourful results with protectionpainted roof tiles before and after
that penetrates deep below the surface to give effective and long lasting weatherproofing. It will
keep your roof tiles brighter, cleaner and dryer for longer. Our range of roof paints for tiles from
ISOnit are the best in the business. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful Anthracite Grey or a deep
Bordeaux red roof tile paint, these roof tile paints are easy to spray and use a specially developed
binder comprising of 3 molecule sizes ensuring the strongest bind to the surface of your roof.

Should I paint my roof tiles?

Are you roof tiles looking dirty or past their best? With an easy to spray product that will not only strengthen your roof, but make it look as good as new, the answer is definitely yes. Want to learn more about roof painting? Click here for a useful article on the truth about roof painting.

Want to know how to paint a roof?

Here’s a  helpful video giving you a step by step tutorial on how to paint a roof. Or click here to learn how to paint a roof in three easy steps. Got more questions? Just give us a call or drop us a line!

Roof Tile Paint – Coloured

ISOnit roof tile paint – highly durable, attractive and smooth to spray. Unlike inferior roof paint for tiles, ISOnit has the high quality build that can strengthen your roof, resulting in years of increased service life.

The results are outstanding and really give your roof a new lease of life.

Roof Tile Coatings – Clear

Our clear ISO paint roof tile coating actively rebuilds your roof tiles’ original colour and protects it from frost damage and penetrating damp.