Metal Roof Coatings

Instant anti corrosion sealants that are designed to be quick and simple to use. They save time and money with no multiple layers and no primer needed in most cases.
grp hole repair kit

Metal Roof Hole Repair Kit- From £53.52


Easy to apply patches that seal holes immediately.

Super easy to apply patches

Cures to incredibly hard finish

Seals holes and stops leaks

Asbestos Bolt Hole repair Kit

Roof Bolt Repair Kit – From £82.75


Repair bolts with super soft butyl tape and strong top coat.

Easy to apply bolt repair

Stops leaks and seals bolts

Long term protection

asbestos colours

ISOnit Roof Paint- 20L From £59.42

Premium quality metal roof paint that will protect and enhance.

Gives up to 15 years protection

Budget friendly

Just clean, prime and coat

All our kits come with all the tools and accessories you need for the job, but if you need any extra we’ve got them all here.