Asbestos Roof Coatings

Seal everything from a leaking asbestos garage roof, to thousands of meters of industrial asbestos roofing. Our asbestos roof coatings will keep it water and weatherproofed for the future.

If you have an industrial roof, we can help you find a specialist contractor to ensure your roof remains watertight for many years to come.

If you have a domestic garage or shed, you don’t need to pay for the expensive option of removing the roof and having the Asbestos taken away by licenced carriers. And you don’t always need to overclad an asbestos roof if repair is still an option. Provided you can get safe access, we can supply the specialist products you need to fully and safely clean, repair and waterproof your asbestos roof. You will get complete detailed instructions on how to apply our products to ensure your roof stays problem free for years.

If you have smaller repairs, why not try our Asbestos Crack Repair Kit and Asbestos Roof Repair Kits. A DIY option for cracks, holes or corroded bolts. Every kit comes with complete easy to follow instructions and contains everything you need.

Remember to follow the HSE guidelines for working with Asbestos roof repairs at all times.

Asbestos Roof Repair Kits

Save time and money with our DIY asbestos roof repair kits. Easy to use and effective ready made kits for all asbestos roof repair jobs, large or small.

No need for contractors or expensive asbestos dismantling or disposal. Top quality asbestos roof repair products make these a safe and effective way to stop your leak ASAP.

Our handy kits give you everything you need for specific asbestos roof repair jobs.

Small Asbestos Roof Repair Kits

Immediate solutions for small cracks and to repair holes in your asbestos roof. Whatever your problem, we will have a kit to suit.

Asbestos Roof Bolt holes often get worn and the seals go. They can be rusted and loose but impossible to remove. Our kit, including a specialist asbestos roof repair tape to mould around the bolt is just the job.

If you just have a crack or three in your asbestos roof, there is a kit especially for that too. With Primer and Butyl tape to cover the cracks after cleaning. This kit is exceptionally easy and quick to use.

For leaking sheets, or cracks in your asbestos roof where you want a longer lasting repair, we have our Leaking Roof Sheet Repair Kit. Including Primer, Butyl tape and our special Reinforced Rubber to apply over the top. Your leaking roof sheets will be a thing of the past.

If you just have holes, our Asbestos Roof and Gutter Hole Repair kit is the one for you. Including a primer and Speedpatches, this easy to use kit cures with UV light to a surface much harder than the original Asbestos Sheet.

Large Asbestos Roof Repair Kits

For larger repairs and whole roof coatings we have ready made kits using our durable and long lasting Alltimes Liquid Rubber system or a more budget friendly one coat system.

Perhaps you have an asbestos garage roof repair job or even a large industrial size roof which has become damaged – our liquid roof coatings are the ideal solution.

Simply measure your roof carefully, remembering to add on a percentage for any corrugation and order the correct kit for your size roof. To make your job even easier we have added the option of purchasing all the specialist tools you should need to complete your job at the same time.

Individual Products

All our products for asbestos roof repairs sold individually.

Why not add on the tools and accessories you will need to complete your job at the same time from the list below?

Long Term Asbestos Roof Coating

The go-to product used by many roofing professionals across the country, the liquid rubber roof coating and primers from Alltimes Coatings is the ideal product for larger asbestos roof repairs. Whether you have a warehouse or an entire asbestos garage roof repair our coatings make life easier and are also available in kits.

Budget Asbestos Coating

When the season allows and you want a safe, easy to use, economical solution this is it. Coming from the Iso Paint rangeĀ  this is a water based asbestos roof coating designed for use when your roof is in pretty good condition but you want to give it long term waterproofing and protection. Also available in kits.

Whatever your asbestos roof repair job, we have the coatings, tape and tools to suit your requirements and make it an easy fix. Shop today or contact our expert team for more information.