Asbestos Repair Kits and Coatings

The most effective repair kits to fix your asbestos roof.

Comes with everything you need and step by step instructions.

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Whether it’s crack repair tape or a full asbestos garage roof coating¬† you’re looking for, we’ve got the right kit for you.

Our range of kits are designed and put together to solve your asbestos repair needs. They come with everything you need for the job so you can just read the instructions and get going. Preparation is always key and clean and dry is our mantra!

  • There’s a crack in your asbestos roof

    If you need to repair cracks in your asbestos roof you want to use our tough UV stable butyl tape in our ‘Asbestos Crack Repair Kit‘. You can just clean, prime and stick it on and you don’t need to do anything else.

  • There’s several cracks and you’re not sure where the leaks are

    If you’ve got a few cracks but some are more obvious than others and you’re not quite sure where the leaks are coming from then the ‘Whole Sheet Repair Kit‘ is what you’re after. It comes with a butyl tape for obvious cracks and repairs and a strong liquid rubber top coat you can put over the tape and on the surrounding area of the sheet to ensure you’re covering all areas of potential damage and leakage.

  • There’s a hole in the roof

    If you’ve just got a hole then all you need is a Asbestos roof hole repair kit It’s a super easy to apply patch that cures to a rock hard finish. You need to work quickly though as it’s UV curing so on a sunny day it hardens in minutes!

  • The bolts or fixings are leaking

    If your asbestos roof bolts or fixings are leaking through then the ‘Bolt Repair Kit‘ is the answer. It comes with a putty like butyl tape to mould around the fixings and make sure there’s no gaps and a super strong reinforced liquid rubber top coat to keep it all watertight and protected.

  • You can’t get access on to the roof but you need to stop a leak

    If you can’t get on to the roof then the Repair from the Inside Kit is the solution. It’s not a long term solution and we can’t make any guarantees but it’s something customers have requested and it should buy you some time before you can get a proper repair done.

Still not sure what you need? Just give us a call, we’re always happy to help!

You will get complete detailed instructions on how to apply our products to ensure your roof stays problem free for years. Remember to follow the HSE guidelines for working with asbestos roof repairs at all times.

Asbestos Repair kits

Everything you need in one kit, from cleaner to tools.

Asbestos Crack Repair Kit

Tough butyl tape kit to stick over and repair cracks

Crack Plus Repair Kit

Seal cracks with tape then coat surrounding area for extra coverage

Hole Repair Kit

Seal holes easily with grp patch that cures to rock hard finish

Bolts and Fixings Repair Kit

Seal over bolts and fixings and make them watertight

Repair from the Inside Kit

Adhesive sealant to repair asbestos cracks and holes from the inside

Asbestos Roof Coating Kits

Professional quality paints and liquid membranes for full asbestos roof coatings.

10+ year coating

Cost-effective and durable asbestos roof coating system in range of colours

10+ year coating with heat reflection

It's light in colour and reflects the heat

20+ year coating

Industrial quality, long lasting liquid rubber coating system for asbestos roofs

Asbestos Repair Accessories

Incase you need any other bits and pieces for the job –¬† you can buy extras here.

Asbestos Repair Tools

You can order any extra tools here.

If you have a domestic garage or shed, you don’t need to pay for the expensive option of removing the roof and having the Asbestos taken away by licenced carriers. And you don’t always need to overclad an asbestos roof if repair is still an option. Provided you can get safe access, we can supply the specialist products you need to fully and safely clean, repair and waterproof your asbestos roof. You will get complete detailed instructions on how to apply our products to ensure your roof stays problem free for years.