Felt, Bitumen & Asphalt

Leak in your roofing felt? Our professional coatings and tapes can seal and protect your flat roof.

Common issues with felt and bitumen roofs are blistering, cracking and condensation on the underside. Our kits provide easy to use solutions for short term small repairs to full roof coatings. Always ensure you use our two-coat system with a layer a fabric fully embedded between the 2 layers of liquid rubber.

Our range of kits and coatings cover your flat roof repair options.


Easy to use and effective ready made kits for all felt, bitumen and asphalt roof repair jobs, large or small.

Small Felt, Bitumen or Asphalt Roof Repair Kits

Immediate solutions for small cracks and holes in your felt, bitumen or asphalt roof.

Large Felt, Bitumen or Asphalt Roof Repair Kits

For larger repairs and whole roof coatings we have ready made kits using our durable and long lasting Alltimes Liquid Rubber system.

Individual Products

All our products for felt, bitumen and asphalt roof repairs sold individually.

Alltimes Liquid Rubber

Backed up by over 25 years of successful waterproofing from all over the world, Alltimes Liquid Rubber is a roofing favourite. Excellent weather and UV resistance make it a great choice for felt, bitumen and asphalt flat roofs. Also available in kits.