When it comes to protecting your roof, who says you have to choose between colour and long lasting, effective repair?

This leaking GRP roof in Hampshire, contained precious equipment inside and due to this, the roof couldn’t have any solution added to it which involved metal. In addition to the roof’s distorted shape and ridged profile, it also showed signs of significant movement and it needed a solution that was flexible and can follow the profile of the roof sheets and the dips in the roof. Already a dark green colour, which fitted in nicely with the surroundings, this is one roof which needed a long lasting, effective repair, but still needed to keep the green colour of the roof. Alltimes liquid Rubber Roof Coating provided the ideal answer.

White liquid rubber coating for roof

Alltimes Coatings know that not everybody wants a grey roof, so we offer pigments to add to the extended wear coat. This not only gives you a choice of dark colours, but also protects the roof even more than the already 25+ years life expectancy of our Liquid Rubber Roofing. This particular roof was very steep sided and the walls also needed waterproofing and protecting, so the Portsmouth roofing contractor used our high viscosity version of liquid rubber to make sure he could get the coverage rate necessary, without it running down and half of it ending on the floor or leaving unsightly sag marks.

After resealing all the joints, the whole roof was coated with two coats of high viscosity liquid rubber and then a coat of pigmented extended wear coat. Fibre Glass Roofing is great when done properly in the right conditions, but we get many enquiries for repairing failed and leaking GRP roofs.

Green liquid rubber coating for roof repair

If you are looking for an industrial or commercial roofer in the Portsmouth, Southampton or wider Hampshire area, we can put you in touch with our local approved roofing contractor. He not only uses our liquid rubbers for fibreglass, metal and flat roofing, but also our highly regarded instant coatings for guttering and cut edge corrosion.

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