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SuperArmour Truck Roof Repair Kit

£39.99 (inc. VAT)

A clear liquid rubber repair kit for unexpected emergencies.

Contains: 1 x 1″ brush, 1 x pint tin Super Armour, 1 x pair gloves.

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SuperArmour Truck Roof Repair Kit – A translucent liquid rubber that refurbishes your roof with a seamless weatherproof membrane:

  • DIY application, as simple as cleaning, priming then applying. Anybody can do it and get long term results
  • Cost effective solution. Avoid the big repair bill from your local garage
  • High durability rubber. SuperArmour is tough enough to keep the rain out for years to come
  • Winter weather friendly. Moisture curing abilties mean the solution dries at temperatures as low as 1°C
  • Hit the road ASAP. Once applied, Moisture Cure takes only 1-3 hours to fully cure
  • Translucent, so natural light can still illuminate your vehicle
  • UV resistant, meaning the relentless daylight won’t break the coating down – unlike other coatings

Pint size is enough to cover 60 cm²

It’s now easier than ever to get long term reliability for a DIY repair. Unlike other solutions, SuperArmour is an incredibly strong rubber originally engineered for the construction industry. This solution has been designed with durability and ease of use in mind. Everything you need for truck roof repair:

  • Pint of SuperArmour liquid rubber
  • Non shedding 25mm brush
  • Pair of disposable gloves

Don’t waste time with the cheap knock off sealants

Get the job done right first time around with the high durability of this specialist rubber. SuperArmour is one of the latest advancements from ProGuard, creators of Liquid EPDM which has been reliably sealing roofs all over the world for decades. Seal leaks immediately and don’t lose any natural light with this long term waterproofing.


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How to fix your truck roof
We’ve made this kit as easy as possible, so a watertight roof is just 3 steps away.

Clean and dry roof around affected area
Mix the catalyst into the tin of SuperArmour
Apply using the non shedding brush supplied
It really is as simple as that. Thanks to SuperArmour’s extreme durability, this easy application can give you long term confidence in your truck or trailer roof.

To get an accurate coverage rate, it’s best to measure out the area beforehand, so you know exactly how much of the roof the SuperArmour will cover.

Cleaning your truck roof
First off, remove any previous coatings or repair materials. Thoroughly clean the area by sweeping away any loose dirt and debris, then scrub the roof using water and a biocide if necessary. The surface must then be completely dry before applying SuperArmour.

truck roof skylight needs repair lorry roof needs repair

Mixing the catalyst
Adding this liquid catalyst starts the cure which turns the liquid rubber into a flexible membrane.

It’s best to mix the tin of SuperArmour before adding the catalyst. For pints and quarts, use a mixing stick or similar and work the material thoroughly. If you’re applying a gallon of material, use a 9″ drill mixer. Open the bottle of catalyst and pour into the tin, continuing to stir the mixture.

Ensure the catalyst has completely dispersed and is no longer visible. It’s important that the catalyst has had a chance to reach every part of the liquid rubber. Once this is done, you’re all ready to apply.

lorry and truck roof repair

Applying SuperArmour to your truck roof
Simply dip your brush in and paint the rubber onto the surface.

Cover the whole of the porous/affected area and beyond. You may find it easier to use a short haired roller for larger quantities.

Once that’s done, you can sit back and let the rubber cure into a seamless membrane. This just takes 1-3 hours, depending on temperature.

Wondering if SuperArmour is right for you? Tell us about your project by getting in touch today.

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