SuperArmour Clear Rubber

£33.79 (inc. VAT)

Protect your skylights for up to 15 years after a single application.



Unlike other clear protection, SuperArmour is a highly durable rubber. This means it has all the weatherproofing qualities that can protect your surfaces for years to come, while retaining their look as much as possible. A UV blocker provides long lasting protection from the sun, meaning surfaces remain weatherproof in the long run.

  • Expected to last for up to 15 years, unlike standard sealants on the market
  • Fully waterproofs treated surfaces, preventing water and rain damage
  • Complete frost protection– no cracks or damage from water ingress
  • Keeps surfaces cleaner by preventing dirt build up
  • Perfect DIY solution with a quick and easy application and long lasting results
  • UV absorber that protects the coating from sun degradation
  • Highly versatile and can be used on many different substrates
  • Makes cleaning treated surfaces easy
  • Tough and long lasting rubber, unlike other non-rubber clear coatings
  • Cures by absoring moisture from the air, so the job is finished faster than other coatings
  • Easy application— straight on damp and can be applied in temperatures as low as 1ºC
  • Cures in 1-3 hours, so it’s ready for rain the same day

Where To Use SuperArmour Rubber Sealant

This coating is versatile enough for various repair projects, including

  • Waterproofing skylights while still allowing vital natural light into the building
  • Preserving walls and facades with minimal visual change
  • Garden Statues
  • Stone Ballustrades
  • Coping Stones
  • Exterior Artworks
  • Protect signs from dirt and graffiti

SuperArmour is the latest in a long line of successful rubber coatings from ProGuard, and carries the same reputation for durability and reliability. It can give you long term protection from a quick and easy application.

Quick and easy to apply, a clear rubber coating to protect your facade, statues and skylights.

Products Specifications
Suitable forMasonry, stone and skylight sealant
LongevityUp to 15 years
ApplicationBrush on


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Designed for a quick and easy application, SuperArmour is ideal for DIY use.

Unlike other coatings, you don’t need a drill mixer for SuperArmour.

Stir contents of tin with a mixing stick
Add the pre-weighed catalyst and stir again. This, and exposure to moisture, starts the cure process
Apply with brush or roller, completely covering the desired area
The coating will cure and toughen in 1-3 hours. It’s a good idea to apply as soon as possible. The exact time will depend on temperature. Warmer environments will cause faster cures. This means you’ll have less working time with the rubber, but that it’ll be ready for rain sooner.