ISO Rust Converter

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Ensures rust can be painted over with ease.


ISO Rust Converter does not remove rust, but mixes chemically with it creating a stable base that can be painted over. Thereby concealing the existence of any rust and preventing further corrosion. The chemical reaction converts the rust into a stable mass which creates an excellent base for paints and top coats.

ISO Rust Converter can be used on any rusty iron or steel object. When the surface is exposed to the outdoor elements we recommend two coats of paint over the rust converter. This will extend the protective qualities of the surface.



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Density: 1 Kg/l

Appearance: Blue Liquid

Application: Brush, roller and airless

Cleaning: Water and soap

Coverage: 10 -15 m2/l

Drying time: Approximately 1 hour

Storage: Dry, cool, frost-free and away from direct sunlight

VOC: Max 140 g/l (Cast A/i)

Remove large rust and scale particles with a stiff bristled brush, hammer or sandpaper. The loose and flaking rust must be removed as it does not provide a stable surface. It is not necessary to remove all the rust as ISO Rust Converter chemically bonds to the rust and seals it in. ISO Rust Converter chemically bonds to the rust and seals it in.

ISO Rust Converter is applied with a brush or roller. It can also be sprayed on using an airless sprayer. It will adhere to non-rusted or painted surfaces but it does not provide any additional rust prevention when used on these surfaces.

Many applications require one coat, in some cases though to assure complete coverage and rust conversion it is necessary to apply a second coat.

ISO Rust Converter cannot penetrate grease or oil, so clean and degrease the surface first, then let it dry.