Pour ‘n’ Plug

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Your leak plugged instantly, even in wet and wild conditions.



Finally, an instant solution that’ll stop your leak when you need it most. Pour ‘n’ Plug seals cracks and holes even if they’re underwater and it’s pouring with rain. Unlike standard off the shelf bitumen based solutions, this gives you get a watertight repair even in the worst of application conditions.

  • Can seal holes and cracks underwater, so you can stop your leak when you need to most
  • High density means the solution will displace ponding water, ideal for flat roofs or gutter repair jobs
  • Stronger and more reliable than many bitumen and acrylic based solutions
  • Can be applied in cold temperatures
  • Perfect solution for asbestos roof or gutter repair
  • Combine with the polyfab reinforcing fleece to seal holes and large cracks
  • Highly durable and reliable solution from ProGuard, creators of EPDM Liquid Rubber
Emergency roof repair for asbestos, flat and metal roofs and gutters.

Unlike off the shelf emergency repairs that are often bitumen or acrylic based, extensive research and lab work went into creating Pour ‘n’ Plug into a highly durable and easy to apply solution. Bitumen based repairs, which is generally what you’ll find in your local hardware shop, can crack in the cold and expand in the heat. Pour ‘n’ Plug was designed, by coatings experts ProGuard, to combat this with a premium chemical make up.

Pour ‘n’ Plug is designed to be applied generously. You should end up with a thick layer of solution over the affected areas. For covering holes and cracks, use the reinforcing polyfab matting to create a bridge over the gap.

Product Specifications
Suitable forFlat roof repair, metal roof repair, asbestos roof repair and gutter repair
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How To Fix Your Leaking Roof
You can get a watertight roof after a simple application, no matter how wet it is outside.

Relentless rain or ponding water can prevent or ruin most emergency roof repair solutions, leaving you frustrated as your property continues to be destroyed by the rain.

But Pour N Plug is different from standard emergency roof repairs. With a very high amount of solids, Pour N Plug is able to displace the water on the roof or gutter’s surface, meaning it can form a watertight seal around holes and cracks even if they’re flooded with water.

Step One To A Watertight Roof
If possible, try and clean or clear the surface. For ponding water this is going to be a challenge, and isn’t essential for a watertight seal. A cleaner surface simply means that the repair can last longer.

hole in asbestos roof needs emergency repair crack in asbestos sheet needs emergency repair

Step Two: Add The Catalyst To Pour N Plug
First off give the solution a stir. Then simply open the pre-weighed catalyst and pour it in. Stir again, ensuring the materials are well mixed. This begins the cure process, and you’re one step closer to sealing that leak.

stirring pour n plug for emergency roof repair DIY job emergency roof hole repair

Step Three: Applying To Ponding Water
This is where the name gets to show off. Pour the solution into the water so it forms a mound, then slowly spread with a spatula or flat-ish tool. Spread in such a way that the solution will displace water around the repair. Add more Pour N Plug when required. For cracks and holes, use the reinforcing PolyFab to bridge the gap at this point. After this, add more product to completely cover the matting.

Step Four: Applying To A Regular Surface
With the catalyst added and the solution stirred, simply pour or spoon onto the surface and spread with a spatula. When covering holes and cracks, apply the solution around over the gaps then press some reinforcing Polyfab onto the coating. Follow this with more Pour N Plug, completely sealing the area.

hole in flat roof needs emergency repair

Step Five: Sit Back And Relax
Enjoy a watertight seal and don’t fear the rainclouds. Plus, let us know what you think by leaving a product review.

flat roof with hole being repaired

Asbestos Roof Repair
Save time and heaps of money by repairing holes and cracks in an asbestos roof rather than replacing or refurbishing it.

It can be difficult to find DIY products that are asbestos roof repair friendly, and the ones that are out there are usually made of inferior materials like bitumen and acrylic. Pour N Plug is designed to be more reliable and easier to apply than these solutions, as well as having the unique benefit of being applied under ponding water.

Asbestos Roof Repair Safety
First off, ensure your roof or gutter is structurally stable and that you’re safe at all times of the repair.

Check out the HSE guidelines on working with asbestos. These handy little guides will take you through the safety implications of working with asbestos, and have loads of practical advice that’ll keep you safe.

Got any questions about Pour N Plug and using it on your roof or gutter? Just get in touch today for advice on your project.

Emergency Gutter Repair
When you see those storm clouds coming, you need a gutter system to rely on.

Pour N Plug can banish your fear of torrential leaks with one simple application. No primer and a seamless seal over holes and cracks in gutters, as well as vulnerable seams between gutter joints.

Repairing leaking gutters can be a challenge because it’s likely they’ll be covered with ponding water. This is where standard repairs can let you down. They either need a completely dry surface or aren’t reliable waterproofers in wet conditions.

Pour N Plug solves that by having a very high amount of solids which displace the water ponding in your gutter. This means the material can create a watertight seal around problem areas in your gutters.