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Rustoleum – Noxyde

£199.28 (inc. VAT)

Anti rust, direct to metal paint with dry fall.

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Looking for the best rust prevention and protective spray?

Rustoleum’s new Noxyde range is a premium metal protection treatment that provides 15 years of corrosion protection even in severe conditions. No mess with over-spray as this product has dry fall meaning all excess product turns to a powder before it lands. Available in several colours.

Get trained today, become an approved contractor and offer up to 15 year warranties. Call us now!

Its many benefits include:

  • Best corrosion protection according to ISO 12944
  • Noxyde is 200% elastic and doesn’t crack or peel when metal shrinks or expands
  • Excellent coverage of nuts, bolts and welds
  • Impact resistant
  • Prevents filiform corrosion

metal cladding paint with 200% elasticity and dry fall

Noxyde Maximum Metal Protection